WynnBET has two Bet Boost Super Bowl LV parlays with 30% boosted odds

Every bettor loves bet boosts.

But how about mega boosts of 30 percent on Super Bowl LV odds? Sounds good, right?

That is exactly what WynnBET sportsbook offer menu has right now on the big game. But here is the catch: the two mega boost parlays are limited to just 50 people each.

The “Limited Pillaging Pirates” and “Limited Champion Chiefs” are each exclusive to the first 50 people who wager on them, with a status bar underneath to show you exactly how many people have bet the parlays.

Limited Pillaging Pirates Boosted Odds

The first one, the Limited Pillaging Pirates, has Tampa Bay on the money line at odds of +150, with the over total of 57 at odds of -110, and Leonard Fournette to score a touchdown anytime at odds of +115. Now, this parlay should pay +926, but WynnBET has boosted it all the way up to +1204, which would mean almost $300 extra in your account if you wager $100.

Limited Champion Chiefs Boosted Odds

The Limited Champion Chiefs has the Chiefs money line at odds of -170, the over total 57 at -110, and Patrick Mahomes to score a touchdown anytime at +190. This should pay +779, but it is boosted up to +1013.

These parlays on the front page of the WynnBET app are in addition to the other limited parlay boosts the site has every day, on NCAA basketball, NBA, and other sports.

And of course, there are sure to be many more limited Super Bowl LV parlays on the app as the game gets closer.

So head over to WynnBET NJ today and sign up for a new account, and get a $500 risk-free wager when you register and deposit money, plus 250 free spins bonus in the casino. And if you are in Michigan (WynnBet Sports), make that a $1,000 risk-free bet. Bet on Super Bowl 2021 boosted odds with promo 6 welcome bonuses in NJ, Colorado, Michigan and other US states.




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