Wong – ing out and wong – ing back in

Have you ever gotten backed off for sitting at a table and not playing?

My last couple of trips, in PA, I have been bold enough to Wong out after as little as 3 or four hands. I did not Wong back in until it was time to start betting big. The Book, The Color of Blackjack (TKO) by Daniel Dravot was my encouragement.

There were times I occupied a seat the entire shoe, waiting for the count to go up and did not make one single bet. Have you ever done this? I am not talking about standing behind the players but actually staying in my seat at the table.

So far, I did not experience any heat. One or two times I was asked if I was going to bet and I answered the dealer, “you’re too hot. I’m out for this round.”

Is this too good to be true? is this just a temporary situation until the stores get more customers after the pandemic?

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