Will There be a Two-Point Conversion Attempt Prop Bet – Super Bowl 55

The odds of a two-point conversion in Super Bowl 55 are not good, but if it happens, the payout would be $13 for every $10 bet.

Will there be a two-point conversion attempt? (Westgate)

Yes +130

No -150

“Though this prop didn’t hit in last year’s game, a team has gone for two in eight of the past 11 Super Bowls. And even though neither team went for two all that much in the regular season – both tried only twice, with the Chiefs converting both attempts and the Bucs failing on both – the final-game desperation makes this plus-money bet one worth looking at. Tampa Bay also went for two in the second quarter of its first-round game against Washington, failing to convert.” – Spokesman

Most 2 point conversions, game, (1)

Mark Seay – San Diego vs. San Francisco XXIX

Alfred Pupunu – San Diego vs. San Francisco XXIX

Mark Chmura – Green Bay vs. New England XXXI

Kevin Faulk – New England vs. Carolina XXXVIII

Lance Moore – New Orleans vs. Indianapolis XLIV

Antwaan Randle El – Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay XLV

Wes Welker – Denver vs. Seattle XLVIII

Bennie Fowler – Denver vs. Carolina 50

James White – New England vs. Atlanta LI

Danny Amendola – New England vs. Atlanta LI

– Ean Lamb, Gambling911.com

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