Why the entry price is a small deal when you’re about to win the lottery


A while ago, before the coronavirus made a mess of the airlines, I bought an ebook on how to get cheap airline tickets. By using just one link in this book, I saved $1,500 on the purchase of a ticket.

How much was the book? $39.95. What was the real saving? Priceless… it will help me get bargain flights for a long time in the future.

If that amount – also the price for my Silver Lotto System – is holding you back from playing lotto… then compare that tiny price of entry to getting a multimillion-dollar winning. It’s a small price to pay to potentially get back millions of dollars.

There is a mental shift you need to make to play any game with risk.

And that is to look at the System and tickets as an entry fee. It’s the price of being able to take part in the game.

Because the only way you can get into a game… whether it’s the lottery, baseball, football or a park, is with an entry fee. Whether you get value out of the event is up to many factors. But you have to pay the entry fee first.

But the good news is that my System reduces the risk of that weekly entry fee when you buy tickets. And at times it gives you back much more than you paid in.

Then there’s the ultimate prize that’s always possible.

You may need to play for weeks or months to hit the jackpot. For some Silverites it comes relatively soon, as both our $22.2 million winner (you can see his results on the Silver Lotto System page) and one of our $1 million winners had played the System for less than a year.

Take the step and start playing today.

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