Who Wants to be a Million-YEAH?

Saturday 28 November 2020 brings a special event – Million-YEAH Saturday! By boosting the Division 1 prize pool to $10 million, Saturday Lotto is giving you more chances to become a Saturday Lotto millionaire. That means that the weekend could bring up to eight new Saturday Lotto millionaires!

With a new $10,000,000 jackpot, there’s a guaranteed $1,000,000 each up for grabs for up to 10 Division 1 winners. If there are 11 or more winners in Division 1, a jackpot of $10 million will be shared between the winners equally.

Breakdown of Division Prizes

We have broken down in the table below the possible prize winnings for this Saturday Lotto Million-YEAH. This gives more people the chance of becoming a millionaire!

Number of Division 1 Winners Prize
1 $4 million
2 Share $4 million
3 Share $4 million
4 Share $4 million
5 $1 million each
6 $1 million each
7 $1 million each
8 $1 million each
9 $1 million each
10 $1 million each
11 or more Share $10 million

What would you do if you became a Saturday Lotto millionaire?

The only way to become a winner is to make sure you have a ticket. There are different ticket options available for you to increase your chances of winning. You can choose to play a Standard, System, Syndicate, or Super Combo ticket. Then, you can select your own numbers or play a QuickPick, where numbers are selected at random for you. Each game gives you 6 numbers. Match all 6 numbers to win Division 1!

Here’s what winning number combinations you need for Saturday Lotto:

Saturday Lotto winning combinationsSaturday Lotto winning combinations

Saturday Lotto entries close at 8:25pm AEDT every Saturday, with the draw at 9:30pm AEDT. Results are available on 7TWO. You can also live stream the draw online on the 7plus website.

Make sure you get your ticket to have your chance to be a Saturday Lotto millionaire with Million-YEAH!

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