Where to find odds on College Football National Champion?

So this is some crackpot stuff, but I think there’s a genuine chance for Liberty to win the Natty this year.

A few months ago, I read a story of a 4* recruit who flipped from GT to Liberty, claiming that God himself told him he would win a National Title at Liberty.

Myself as well as many others blew this off as crazy shit bc Liberty is almost always awful and mostly plays low competition, but this year, they are 6-0, ranked #25, have a win against Syracuse, are currently beating Virginia Tech, and have 2 more significant games coming up. Plus it’s 2020.

It’s still a very long shot, but I’d love to put a few dollars on crazy odds for Liberty to win the natty, and if possible put a few dollars on 2022 since they have a decent schedule that year too.

Edit: Welp they just lost to VT on a blocked field goal return so I guess this pipe dream just died lmaoooo

Edit 2: Maybe not!!!! Shoutout to VT trying to ice and screwing themselves


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