What you need in my tool box to help you win the lottery faster


The tool cabinets in my garage. Like the Silver Lotto System, I wouldn’t be without them!

A few years back I bought a professional mechanic’s toolbox. A big red metal cabinet on wheels with multiple drawers, for my garage.

You might think I’m a part-time mechanic, but I’m only average at this sort of skill.

However the toolbox looked impressive, and many other car guys had one looking pretty in their garage. So I thought, why not!

After a while I started to fill it with tools. You’ll laugh, but even as I bought the tools, I really didn’t think I’d use 10 types of spanners or 50 different screwdriver heads. But they looked so neat and orderly in their special purpose compartments, I couldn’t resist.

But guess what? Over the last few years I reckon I have used every single tool in my tool cabinet! Every one of them! Spanners, wrenches, cutters, crimpers, pliers… the list goes on.

And so later I bought another two tool cabinets, making a total of three. All useful.

What does this tell you?

Simply this… that you can’t be too well prepared. And the more tools you have, the better you can do a job. My worst mistake over many previous years of fixing stuff was not having the right tool.

In the past I would use a screwdriver to lift a paint tin lid. So today I have the correct tool for it – and so I save the damage (and paint) to my screwdriver.

You need the right tool for the job each time!

Winning the lottery is the same concept. My System and products are your tools for winning. And the more tools you have, the better success you have.

These are all the lottery tools that I consider essential for your own lotto tool cabinet. Buy each one and you’ll find your winning chances will increase dramatically:

TOOL #1. Silver Lotto System

You need this top shelf item to start your winning streak. It’s the main system for most of my other products. It will give you everything you need for almost every game in the world.

TOOL #2. LottoPredict

Want to know which week is best for play? What if you knew when NOT to play? My LottoPredict helps you out by predicting the best and worst weeks for you, saving you big bucks. It’s still only $11 a month membership.

TOOL #3. PRO Custom Profiles

Bored with numbers? Don’t want to figure out the Silver Lotto System for yourself? If you want to speed up your progress, I have a selection of games already completed for you, ready to go.

There you have it… 3 necessary tools for your lotto toolbox. You need them all. Get what you don’t have already and see your win results climb

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