What is Live Dealer Blackjack

If you have been browsing our website you have read a lot about live dealer casinos and live dealer casino games but you may still be asking the question: “What is Live Dealer Blackjack”. In short, the answer to that question is the ability to play blackjack online with a real live person as the dealer. Or simply, playing blackjack at a land based casino from home.

Live dealer blackjack has become very popular and with the advent and progress of streaming technology you actually play at a land based, brick and mortar casino connected by a live streaming feed. At the brick and mortar casino there is an actual blackjack table and a real person running the game and acting as the dealer. Through the use of cameras you can see the blackjack table and the dealer the entire time you are connected to the casino. You watch the table and the dealer, connected by a live streaming feed.

With the basics in place, being the blackjack table and the dealer, the live casino software allows you to interact with the dealer. While playing live dealer blackjack you will see prompts on your computer screen which when clicked tell the dealer what you want to do. For instance once the cards are dealt prompts will appear for you to either hit or stand. By clicking the appropriate prompt or button, it tells the dealer what you want to do.

Aside from there being a real live person as the dealer, the game is not played much differently that standard online blackjack. The live dealer however is obviously what makes the game and the reason so many people have flocked to playing live dealer games. No longer does a computer decide if you win or lose, the actual shuffling of the cards by a person and the game being carried out by a person rather than a computer program is the biggest draw to the game.

See our live dealer blackjack page for more information and also see the best USA live dealer casinos to play at. Once you find the USA live dealer casino you want to play at, simply use one of our links to be taken directly to the casino. With live dealer software available and the ability to play live dealer blackjack, there really is not a reason to play standard online blackjack anymore. Why rely on a computer program to decide whether you win or lose when you can play at a brick and mortar casino right from home with a real live person as the dealer.

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