What Are the Odds in Three Card Poker?

Three Card Poker Odds are fairly reasonable, and if you’re a seasoned player then you should be able to find a strategy that helps you beat the odds. This variation of the game is also fairly straightforward, given the fact that there are only two possible bets to make in the game.

To best familiarize yourself with three card poker odds, you must know what the house edge is in the game, as well as the various ranking hands and their probabilities of winning. It also helps to know what the probable payouts are for each of the bets.

Three Card Poker Odds

Three Card Poker Odds & Bets

So, there are two kinds of bets available in the game, each with their own house edge percentage. These bets are the ante bet and the pair plus bet. If you choose to play the pair plus bet you must expect a house of 2.32% on all wagers. The house edge for the ante bet is slightly higher at 3.37%. But it can go up to 4.28% depending on various factors.

When you compare the two bets and the advantage that the casino has over you with each, you can tell that statistically, the pair plus bet offers you the best odds of winning. It would then make sense to make pair plus bets, even though the ante bet option has some advantages of its own.

Winning Hands

Now that you know which bet brings you the best chances of winning, you should begin to think about the different winning hands and their probabilities. Have a look at the table below to see exactly what the probabilities are for each possible hand in three card poker.

Three Card Poker Odds
Hand Chances of Getting It Combinations
Nothing 30.40% 6720
High Card 44.00% 9720
Pair 16.90% 3744
Flush 5.00% 1096
Straight 3.30% 720
Three-of-a-Kind 0.20% 52
Straight Flush 0.20% 48
Total 100.00% 22100

Once you are confident in your knowledge about three card poker odds, bets, and winning hands, you may visit any of the casinos we recommend to put all your newfound knowledge to the test.

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