What are other card games similar to MtG that I can spend my money on instead?

With everything going on with Magic, I am getting immensely turned off to playing the game. As much as I still enjoy watching TWD despite a dying fanbase, WotC’s implementation of this IP has been a lot less than desirable and now I want to turn to other card games to spend my money on. This would be my form of boycott against Wizards. I’m not sure what would make a company sweat more than knowing its consumers are actively supporting their competitors.

What are other card games that is similar to or perhaps more interesting to play compared to Magic? Perhaps other card games I haven’t even heard of, as I’ve only heard of Force of Will and Yugioh (which I don’t want to go back to, they have different money grab schemes that leave a taste just as bad as Wizards’ SL tactics).

I’ve also started playing DC Deckbuilder recently and I have to say it’s one of the best board games I’ve played. I’ve heard of Dominion, what are other deck building board games that are as good as DCDB or Legendary, and what makes them different enough that I should go out of my way to buy it? Thanks in advance 🙂

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