Unibet Sport Club gives players free bonus bets every week

Whenever I see sports betting apps giving away free wagers for things I am doing anyway, I know it is a quality site.

With Unibet, the king of free bets and bet boosts, that is the case with its new Unibet Sports Club.

If you asked bettors which type of wager they have increased more than any other in the last year, live in-play bets would be near the list. Each month, in-play wagering takes more and more of the betting pie, and Unibet is the top app to reward that action.

The Sports Club gives you $10 in free bonus money every week, as long as you place five live in-play wagers of at least $10 between Monday and Sunday. The bets must have minimum odds of -300 (i.e. -200, +100), and must be settled before the start of the next week.

This is already on top of the bonuses that Unibet gives you each week, month, and year for live betting. Unibet gives you bonuses from 4% all the way up to 50%, on sports such as soccer, basketball, and football, depending on how many bets you make. The more you bet, the more bonuses you get.

For example, they recently offered a 20% bet boost on a live in-play NCAA contest on Sunday, January 10, that had to be used that day. Instead of the -112 on Colgate at -11 in game, the odds were +108, which gives you a nice little bonus if your wager hit.

Unibet also has a $20 worth of free bets when you first sign up for an account, and of course the $250 risk free first bet. It really is one of the best apps out there for bettors, especially if you like being taken care of by the site.

So head over to Unibet and jump on these free bet offers all over the app.




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