Top 7 Beginner Friendly Casino Games

Walking through the doors of a casino for the first time is an overwhelming experience. Bright flashing lights, loud bells, and the lively hum of a sea of players is a lot to take in for beginners. So, what is the ideal game for amateurs? To answer that question, here are our top picks of seven beginner-friendly casino games.

Slot Machines

It’s hard to imagine a casino floor without bright and colorful video slots. These are amateur-friendly and draw the maximum crowd. Hence, casinos tend to pile electronic machines on the gaming floor.

Slot machines offer tremendous versatility in their betting range and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The games are novel and often based on the latest trends. Furthermore, bonuses like no deposit free spins are an added perk for slot lovers.

Video Poker

Video poker is the next most popular casino game on our list and although the machines closely resemble video slots, the content is vastly different.

If you’re keen on trying your hands at poker but prefer minimum human interaction, this is the ideal replacement. Since the rules are identical to the table game, amateurs can also get the hang of poker before sitting at the big table.



roulette-wheelOne of the friendliest casino games for beginners, roulette offers some of the highest odds.

The casinos have introduced many new variants to keep this game exciting such as lightning roulette where extra odds are randomly applied on numbers after bets are placed. It’s perfect for amateurs and for your bankroll.

Beginners are advised to stick to even money bets and prolonged betting time to maximize their time on the floor.


Hands down one of the most intimidating games for newbies, craps is often misunderstood. It’s popular across casino floors for a reason.

If you’d like to try your hands at craps make sure to learn the ropes before chasing the big bucks.

The crucial components include – Don’t Pass and the Pass Line bet. You’re essentially placing a wager either for or against the shooter.


An extremely enticing table game for newbies that like the simplicity of video slots but with higher odds, baccarat is the clear forerunner.

The three primary bets are Player, Banker, and Tie. While Player is the most common bet, Banker offers a slightly higher edge but commands a slight fee.

It’s best to avoid the Tie bet altogether as it’s purely a game of luck!


A timeless table game, Blackjack is very popular with first-timers as it involves the right balance of excitement and strategies.

The rules are relatively easy to comprehend and the bets are pretty low.

Playing with an optimum strategy drops the house edge to 1%, which means you can effectively continue for hours at a stretch even with a tight bankroll.

Pai Gow Poker


This form of the game takes some getting used to even for intermediate punters.

So, if you’re a beginner it’s best to take things slowly at first.

Pai Gow combines the best of Chinese dice games with modern poker and the results are interesting, to say the least.

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