Top 6 Tips When Betting This Football Season


Betting on football isn’t easy, especially during this season since a lot of things have happened due to COVID19 pandemic. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to succeed with your bets.

Regardless of your experience, whether you’ve done football betting before or you’re a first-timer, here are some tips that you can follow when betting this football season:

  • Do Your Research

If you want to achieve success this football season, you should know that it takes time and effort. While some may get lucky with long shots, it’s knowledge and research that separates amateurs from the professionals.

Bookmakers have many stats and resources at their disposal these days. Hence, you should arm yourself by reading up on the team news and watching matches. The more you know with what you’re betting on, the more you’ll be able to make the right predictions.

Regardless of the betting site you use, whether you settle at LeoVegas or use another one, it’s beneficial to use any specialist knowledge you could have. Some bookies tend to be savvy in terms of the major leagues, but they might be a bit negligent when it comes to more or lower obscure leagues. Once you follow a team that plays in such leagues or you have knowledge about foreign leagues, you can use your knowledge to your advantage.

  • Never Hesitate To Take Advantage Of The Bonus Offers

With the competition in today’s football betting industry, some companies are desperate and provide great bonuses and promotions to encourage you to bet with them. Every major betting site provides bonuses for every new customer in a form of a free bet. Also, with new customers, some sites provide better promotions around particular events.

You may sometimes get improved odd-on outcomes that have a great opportunity of winning. Thus, take advantage of such offers and join different online bookies. After you’re done signing up, they’ll work hard to keep you interested in daily specials and great promotions around some major events.

Other promotions also provide good value at low risk, so take them if you can. But never jump on all promotions. Instead, consider the value first because there’s a reason why bookies would provide enhanced odds-on certain outcomes. So, try to be selective.

  • Keep Your Discipline

When it comes to football betting, there’s a golden rule you should follow: you must only wager on what you could afford to lose. Just like every player on the pitch, you must keep your discipline and never lose your head when things aren’t going the way you expect them to be.

For instance, if you’re on a bad run, it may be tempting to begin placing huge bets to win back all the money you’ve lost. This strategy is called the Martingale System, which rarely works and is more likely to lead to bigger losses.

One of the common mistakes that amateur bettors often make is chasing losses–this is when bookmakers make more money. So, when betting this football season, you should always remember to be patient and gradually build up your funds by making safer and smaller bets. With this in mind, you can be assured that you won’t only get the results you desire, but you’ll also enjoy betting every football season.

  • Review The Football Bets From The Last Season

No matter what your expertise or experience in football betting, you should keep detailed records of each of your bets you make from every season as it may come in handy for the upcoming season. It’s crucial for analyzing what bets are successful and which ones will more likely give you the same results this football season.

If you’re keeping a log of your football bet, a perfect time to review it is during the off-season. When you’re reviewing, try to categorize the bets you made. This would help you analyze your betting success as well as your previous strategies, enabling you to make changes that would improve your betting strategy and success this season.

  • Consider The Volume Of Changes In A Team

The volume of changes in a team is almost as crucial as what changes were made. If teams have made some changes, but each appears to fill an obvious gap and have been considered carefully, they’re likely to benefit from such changes immediately.

If teams have made countless changes, it’s more challenging to know what the impacts would be. Other teams easily adapt to changes while some take almost the whole season to adjust completely and other teams might not get there at all.

Although it’s a lot of information you need to think about and it’s fair to say that only some bettors analyze things to this degree, it actually provides you a chance to gain an edge when betting. If you study the coaching and roster changes, you’ll be able to form educated opinions on what every team is capable of.

  • Never Bet With Your Heart

Avoiding emotions when wagering is a challenge for a lot of betters. Everybody has personal biases. Whether it’s the one you despise or your favorite team, putting aside such preferences isn’t always easy.

However, becoming more objective when it comes to football betting is the simplest way to make wiser bets. It doesn’t need a detailed strategy on mathematical analysis, but it basically requires common sense.

Cheering on your team several times each year is a lot of fun, but losing some money in the process is not. If you want to be a smarter bettor, you should be aware of your biases and avoid making decisions based on favoritism.


When betting this football season, taking note of the above tips may help you achieve your desired results. However, remember that success can only be achieved if you combine it with extra effort on researching your pick and managing your bankroll effectively.

In addition, never hesitate to ask for suggestions or recommendations from bettors who have been in the industry for years as they may provide you with other helpful tips you’re not aware of.

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