To everyone who says gambling is annoying, or whoever asks how to win gambling more, here my …

*Here is my gambling guide lol typo

Gambling guide


  • Don’t blackjack because it always ends up as a losing scenario in the end. However, if you still choose to blackjack, here are a few tips:

  • Do not hit at 17 and above even though it seems tempting because you have a higher chance of winning by standing

  • Stand at 16 when you see that Dank Memer has a card of 5 or lower, otherwise end the game or hit.

  • 15 is a bad place to end up in. It might be better to end the game

  • Anything below 15 is an automatic hit and anything higher than 17 is an automatic stand.

Bet (my personal favorite)

  • NEVER bet without a tidepod+spinner

  • Bet by 100k or by 50k depending on your bal with a tidepod, spinner, and, if possible, a pepe trophy.

  • Make sure your spinner multi is at least 20%. Otherwise, do pls ri sp

  • Do not get frustrated when you are on a losing streak. Remember that you are also winning a lot.


  • I do not recommend doing slots alone. Doing pls bet max and pls slots max repeatedly is a better way, but if you do not have enough money to do this, then I think slots in general is not good for you.

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