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Ep 211 – Preflop Craziness in Cash Game (@Binkley)

This week, Jim Reid leads the panel through another forum post by ARW about how to react when you realize you've made an error in-game. While battling it out against each other in the nightly home game, the panel discusses the benefits of betting on different streets according to board texture, thin value ranges vs checking ranges, and we are joined by Binkley from the forums for a final week to share his thoughts.

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October 23rd, 2020 – Virtual Charity Series of Poker with Matt Stout

On this episode of the Tournament Poker Edge Podcast, Clayton is joined by poker pro Matt Stout to discuss the upcoming Charity Series of Poker event to benefit St. Jude. Of course, they also delve in to some strategy.

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Smart Poker Study Tournament Recap October 2020 #314

Show Notes for this episode: Hosted by Sky Matsuhashi, poker player, coach and author. Check out my YouTube Poker Training Channel Enable my “Daily Poker Tips” Alexa Skill for a daily 30-second poker tip in your Flash Briefing. United States Canada United Kingdom Australia India Daily Poker Tips is also a podcast, so look for it wherever you listen to podcasts. Twitter @smartpokerstudy

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WPH #326: Splashing Around in a Live Cash Game & WINNING!

Weekly Poker Hand #326: In this live cash game from bestbet Jacksonville, the player on the BTN splashes around with K9o, then plays it perfectly post-flop.

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E055: Vlogger Tiffany Gambla on the Return of Live Poker to Atlantic City!

This week on The Rake: New poker vlogger Tiffany Gambla! Hosts Marle Cordeiro & Jamie Kerstetter talk to Tiffany about life as a vlogger, COVID madness in New Jersey’s casinos, and the reopening of the poker room at Atlantic City’s famed Borgata!

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PokerNews Podcast: Remembering Sam Grizzle & Guests Kim Stone & Hayden Fortini Talk Lonestar Poker Series

In the latest edition of the PokerNews Podcast, Jeff Platt and Chad Holloway chat with guests Kim Stone and Hayden Fortini about the inaugural Lonestar Poker Series, which kicks off this weekend at Prime Social Club in Houston. They also offer an update on the Midway Poker Tour situation, recap the Round 3 High Stakes Duel match between Phil Hellmuth and Antonio Esfandiari, update you on the Galfond Challenge between Phil Galfond and Chance Kornuth, and remember Sam Grizzle.

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Germany regulates online poker; Grizzle dies

OCT. 23 POKERCAST RECAP: Scott gets interviewed, Germany regulates online poker and Sam Grizzle dies. We also complete an O’Mally’s Move and we continue our Brannen Hough Hands of the Week with A-Q.

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Episode 195 – 22/10/2020 – Bert ‘girafganger7’ Stevens

For this week’s episode, James and Joe are joined by UK-based Belgian pro Bert ‘girafganger7’ Stevens. Bert talks about the origin of his online handle, his journey towards becoming a high stakes player, his ever-growing menagerie (!), his social media crusades, and why he likes hanging out in Twitch chat. Also appearing on this week’s show: Chris Searles from Vancouver, who competes for a #SundayMillion ticket and a #PokerInTheEars T-shirt in a ‘Life of Brian’-themed edition of ‘Superfan vs Stapes’. Plus, there’s (yet another) bad beat story from Joe, and a homework assignment for listeners willing to endure bad poker movies. Please don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe to the podcast.

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Postflop Poker Podcast – Episode 110 – AlgoHoldem

Don’t miss this fascinating interview with James, a smart young software developer and founder of the exploitative solver, Algoholdem. We discuss the product as well as AI in poker generally, then we launch into a poser, which asks about what recommendations AlgoHoldem has for lower stakes players! Finally, the strat-chat hands (36:32) come from some high stakes online cash games in September.

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Is This Maria Ho Play Hopeless Against Ike Haxton?

Heads up for the Shark Cage, Maria makes an ambitious play against Ike. Did she go too far? The Poker Guys break it down.

FLOP:2c 9s Kc TURN: Ad River: Js

Ike: Ks 10h Maria: QdJh

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Ep 82 – Barstool’s Newest Hire, The Southern King Of Poker, Ben Mintz

On today’s episode we are joined by the newest hire at Barstool Sports, Ben Mintz. Hired as a college football/sports gambler guy, Ben also is a former professional poker player with over $600k in live earnings. He tells awesome stories from the online days, being 7 bet at the WSOP Main Event, bluffing Patrik Antonius, and much more. He’s wildly entertaining and a hell of a poker player to boot. Enjoy!

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Cardschat with Jaime Staples

On episode #10 of the CardsChat podcast, we have the pleasure of welcoming Jaime Staples. A veteran of the online poker streaming scene on Twitch, Jaime is proud to represent Team Online with partypoker. During our conversation, we learn what Jaime’s role with partypoker is all about and how it compares to the work he did for four years with PokerStars. We also learn some interesting behind-the-scenes info about Jaime’s excellent Twitch streams, Weekly Poker Showdown, and hear about Jaime’s aspirations and goals over the next half decade.

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Poker Action Line 10/20/2020

Want a new way to analyze your play? Try reverse engineering by looking at hands backwards – start with river bets and work your way back to pre-flop plays. Also, Borgata reopens & SHR Tampa increases their tournament presence in Florida.

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Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring Robin and Sarah Ramson LK022

Jennifer interviews Robin and Sarah Ramson for the October edition of Ladies Knight podcast. Robin Ramson is the founder of Chess Girls DC and the organizer of the upcoming Chess Empowerment Weekend (Nov 6-8), which will feature a series of chess tournaments and a star-studded line-up of guest speakers. Sarah Ramson is Robin’s daughter, and a chess player, golfer,…

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Ep 210 – Chris ‘Fox’ Wallace

Chris “Fox” Wallace is a WSOP Bracelet winner and great friend of RecPoker. He has authored “No Limits, The Fundamentals of No-Limit Hold’em” and more recently, “Short Stack Ninja: Tournament Strategy From A Professional Poker Coach” which is the book for the next RecPoker book study.

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Poker Fraud Alert Radio – 10/18/2020 – Don’t You Dare Cut That Deck

(Topic starts at 0:10:07 mark): Interview with Clayton Jiang, who claims he and others got scammed for big money at a live, private poker game…. (1:24:24): BetOnline getting hammered by brutal DDoS attack or hacking, site repeatedly going down….

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The Bernard Lee Poker Show 10-20-20 with Guest David Williams Pt. 2

This is part 2 of Bernard Lee’s chat with David Williams.

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Who Squeezes the Squeezer? – Episode 188

More Great Poker Content!Sign Up for Solve for Why poker training and get 5% off using coupon code: JUSTHANDSJust Hands has a new membership program on patreon!

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How Adrian Mateos Gets ALL THE MONEY

Adrian Mateos takes an unconventional line in pursuit of maximum value. The Poker Guys break it down.

FLOP:7h 6s 2h TURN: Qd River: Jd

Mateos: Qh6c Fiilsmies: KcQs

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