The Grid 053 ft. Landon Tice – Three-Four Offsuit – The Poker Grid

21-year-old Landon Tice enters the GRID to talk about a hand with three-four offsuit on the stone bubble of a $1600 event. Landon breaks down the action street by street, as he opened the button with 34o on the button. When the small blind called, they saw a monochrome flop of King-Three-Deuce. Landon barelled on the flop and the offsuit queen turn. An offsuit seven came on the river, after which the pot exploded.

After dissecting the hand, Jennifer and Landon talk about his approach to poker study, how his triplet brothers feel about his poker success, and his chess beginnings.
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(L-R) Griffin, Dalton and Landon Tice (cq all) 5-year-old triplet chess players with a set in their room, Thursday (9/30/04). Staff photo by Bob Shanley.

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