Sequence Breaker Roulette System

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. If you regularly make money with your system why are you selling it?

A. The simple answer is…money! I’m a businessman and I make my money in gambling – both using the strategies that I create, develop and operate, and indeed selling the ideas to the awaiting public. I have a reputation of selling quality products of the highest possible standards.

Q. How much money have you made?

A. Well I’ve been operating the system for over 10 years and have generated approximately £200 – £600 per week on average in that time. Obviously this is never going to turn me into a millionaire, but it does equate to several holidays every year, days out to theme parks and attractions and some money saved for a rainy day.

Q. Why is your system unique?

A. I NEVER endorse a system of betting in roulette or the horses, greyhounds etc that encourages you to spend precarious volumes of money. My system only EVER uses a small outlay and NEVER exceeds a £14 loss. Most other systems require a large betting pot and massive outlay. Not mine!

Q.Is a £50 initial deposit REALLY all I require?

A. To answer directly, yes it is. It’s even possible to operate the strategy with less but I suggest taking this advice.

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