Sean Connery’s Top Five James Bond Moments

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Legendary Scottish actor Sir Sean Connery passed away in the Bahamas on 31st October 2020. Best known for his portrayal of Ian Fleming’s James Bond in six of the 25 James Bond films over a period of nine years, he was known as the ‘original 007’ – and produced some unforgettable moments on screen. In his role as Bond, Connery portrayed a suave, classy, and tenacious Bond, and clearly had a good grasp of how to play craps; he was the only actor to ever play the popular casino game in a Bond film!

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Connery’s top five moments as super-spy 007.

5 – The Amsterdam Lift Fight

Our first of Connery’s top five Bond moments sees him posing as diamond smuggler Peter Franks, in Diamonds Are Forever. However, when he meets the real Peter Franks in an elevator on his way to meet one of Franks’ contacts, Tiffany Case, the two cross paths. He checks his watch, asks what floor Franks is heading to, and proceeds to start a fight with the antagonist on the way to the third floor. An epic lift fight breaks out, thrilling audiences around the world to this day. The lift fight comes in at number five with a big bang!

4 – The Craps Casino Scene

Staying with Diamonds Are Forever, we’re focusing in on a famous casino scene – of which there are plenty in the 007 franchise. However, the Craps scene is special as it’s the only time that Bond ever played the popular casino game in a film, often playing Roulette or Poker in others.

The white tux is out, and the suspense is brewing. Bond, posing as Peter Franks, wins £50,000 at the craps table, before taking the bubbly Penny O’Toole back to his room in typical Bond fashion. There, Penny is attacked and thrown out of the window and into the pool below by gang members. Bond goes on to meet Tiffany Case, where they discuss retrieving the diamonds Franks has stolen. It’s fair to say Connery gets a little more for his money in this scene!

3 – Fighting Sharks

James Bond? Fighting Sharks? Sean Connery and a famous 007 scene? It’s the triple fret from movie-making heaven. In Thunderball, Bond is trying to escape from villain Emilio Largo’s pool when he comes face to face with a huge, man-eating sea beast. In typical Bond fashion, he outmaneuvers the shark and swims to safety.

Allegedly, filming got a little hairy when the real sharks the crew were using found its way around the barrier protecting Connery. Naturally, they forced him into a quick retreat!

2 – Bond’s Shoes

Connery’s smart sex appeal comes to the fore in this scene in Thunderball. He pokes his head around Fiona Volpe’s bathroom door, and when she politely requests for ‘something to put on’, he cheekily hands her a pair of sandals before slumping back in a plush leather chair.

1 – Bond, James Bond

Sean Connery’s iconic portrayal of Bond is encapsulated in the many catchphrases that have given the Bond franchise such universal recognition. From the famed ‘Bond. James Bond’, first uttered in Dr. No, to the noted ‘Shaken, not stirred’ martini request smoulderingly delivered in Goldfinger, Sean

Connery and 007 sayings are inseparable variables.
As Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said following Connery’s death, ‘He was a global legend but, first and foremost, a patriotic and proud Scot’.

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