Roulette Sniper” –

Here comes another of these “easy casino busters”. As the name of the product suggests, Roulette Sniper is a system that picks which numbers you should bet on, based on some genious formula. The thing is, there can be no such formula. Roulette is a game of pure chance. You can invent whatever “system” you wish, and nothing will change this. You may as well throw your chips randomly on the table. Roulette always maintains a house edge of 5.26% or 2.7% (depending on whether playing a european style table which has one zero slot, or an american style which also has a “double zero”. Wisely enough the Roulette Sniper guide advices only to play european style tables).

What does Roulette Sniper do then to pick its magic numbers? Well it keeps track of which numbers have recently passed in the spirit of “now there have been ten black numbers in a row, a red one MUST be due to come up”. It also does this with partilcular numbers, high and low numbers and so on. This kind of thinking can be a bit seductive at first glance. What are the odds of eleven black numbers to come up in a row right? Right?
Well eleven black numbers in a row is roughly one in 2^11 = 2048. So pretty unlikely.
The thing is though that this figure is calculated before the first of the black numbers had come and has nothing to do with what number we can expect next. Think about it. Eleven black numbers in a row is 1 in 2048. But ten black numbers followed by a red one is also 1 in 2048. That shows that what history of numbers that have come up lately has nothing what so ever to do with what number will come up next.

I’m going to try to keep this short, but there is also one more argument that should be addressed that the Roulette Sniper guide uses, and that can seem probable if not thought through. It claims that the laws of probability holds that if you spin a roulette wheel many many times, the average number value that will come up will be around the middle, that is 18. This would suggest that if the wheel has turned up lots of high numbers lately, then laws of probability would somehow favor low numbers to make the average closer to 18 over time.

Also looking at a standard deviation curve will show that the likelihood of the average number being close to 18 after say 1000 spins is much more likely than it being 5 or 30. This, however, still does not say anything about what number will come up next. That is because the likelihood of every combination of numbers that can come up is exactly the same. The table showing 3-18-31-14-20-5-1 in a row has the same probability of it showing, say, 1-1-1-1-1-1-1. The thing that makes the average tend to be in the middle though is that the number of combinations of numbers that uses numbers from all over the place are much higher than the number of combinations of numbers showing only 1’s, which is one.

I hope that made sense. I’m not that good of explaining these things but however sound roulette systems sometimes can seem, they never can break the law of probability which states that any number has exactly 1 in 37 (for european tables) chance of hitting on any given spin. Hitting black is 18 in 37. As is hitting red.

Therefore systems of this sort is just a playing with the mind, not the casino. Any system that claims otherwise is mathematically impossible. And if it claims to give you an edge and make you money it is a scam. Roulette Sniper falls under this category. What is even worse is that it also advices to increase your bets to recoup for losses. This is a kind of martingale strategy which is very dangerous in the long run and can potentially deplete your bankroll in a short time when you hit some unlucky spins. That said, Roulette Sniper, after telling you to increase your bets when losing, then also tells you to stop playing when losing too much. It also tells you to stop playing after winning a bit of money in a kind of yey hit and run strategy. And finally it tells you to stop playing after a time limit that you can set yourself. Somehow it’s a bit ironic that a good deal of what this claimed super system does is to tell you to stop using it.

roulette sniper screen shot
Lastly a few words on the actual software. It is fairly easy to use and can be customized in a lot of ways to accomodate for which kinds of bets you like to place (corners, dozens, trios, singles etc). It shows you which bets to place in a pretty straight forward graphical fashion, so it is perfectly usable. It just won’t make you any more money than playing your familys birth dates, your telephone digits or the atomic number of silicon. And paying $37 for that is hardly any value.

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