Roulette Martingale strategy experiment

First post. I know this topic has probably been covered a million times already, but wanted to share my results from an experiment I conducted. Just a disclaimer: I’m not a gambler; this was simply an experiment I was interested in running because I was curious of the outcome.

Basically, using an online roulette machine, I employed the Martingale strategy using bets of 500. The Martingale strategy for roulette is: you place a bet on either Red or Black, if you win, you place the same bet, and if you throw, you double the bet. If you throw again, you keep doubling the previous amount until you win. Then you to return to your original bet amount.

The reason why I wanted to conduct this experiment was basically to see how fast I could accumulate money hypothetically, to see whether I would throw 8 or 9 times in a row, and how much money in reserve I would need, hypothetically, to fall back on.

The thinking is simple: if someone has enough of a reserve, couldn’t that person employ the martingale strategy and never have to worry about losing?

These are the results from 420 spins, in which I placed bets of 500 on Red.

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The worst luck I had was actually in the beginning, in which I Black came up 8 times in a row. The chances of this happing are very small, but hey, it’s gambling, these things happen. I went into a massive deficit and needed 124,000 in reserves to pull my balance back up (the bet was 128,000). After that, I kept going. As you can see, the hypothetical money kept rising, and there were only a handful of times in which I needed to use my imaginary reserves to fall back on. After 420 runs, I ended up with nearly 100,000, with the max bet being 128,000. There were lots of runs in which Black came up 5, 6, times in a row. Some in which 7 came up, and 2 in total in which Black came up 8 times in a row, in which I needed to place 128,000 bets on.

If Black came up 9 times in a row, I would need to place a bet of 256,000, and 10 Blacks in a row would require a bet of 512,000. But the chances of this happening is ridiculously low, and gets exponentially lower the longer the run goes.

Hypothetically with my run of 420 spins, someone with a comfortable bank balance in the hundreds of thousands could walk into a casino and leave with 100,000 – only ever having to dip into his ‘reserves’ a handful of times. After some quick Googling I found that, on average, a casino take 3 hours to spin a roulette wheel 100 times, so this person would need to be in the casino for over 12 hours.

The rub, though, lies with the fact that online roulette tables have maximum bets. So, with bets of 500, this strategy would never work (at least online). In actual casinos, I don’t know if there are maximum bets.

Just thought this was interesting.

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