Sky Matsuhashi is the host of the Smart Poker Study podcast and leads the poker training site Sky is a fellow Cardplayer Lifestyle contributor, an expert in online play and has years of experience as an author, coach, player, and podcaster. Connect with Sky at or

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RecPoker is a vibrant and encouraging poker learning community. We are committed to learning the game, but our priority is building healthy relationships where we can not only grow in the game, but grow in our enjoyment of life. The membership website at is awesome, but it’s just a tool to help us build that community. You can join for FREE, giving you access to the groups, forums, and other member benefits. If you want to enjoy the premium content, or become part of the RECing Crew, those options are available and you can get $10 off your first payment using the code RECPOKER.

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Time Stamps

00:00 Introduction
03:34 Introduction to Sky Matsuhashi
05:57 Catching up with Sky
08:02 The value of the HUD (heads-up display)
09:16 Assessing what pieces of information to use
11:56 How to use and get improve with all the data?
14:08 General rule of thumb in studying
15:25 The most sophisticated stats for HUD users
20:11 Does the HUD forms construct for labeling the players?
26:09 How draws should be played with the HUD
28:19 Using Note tracker is very helpful
31:17 Advice to people on how to improve their game
46:36 RecPoker updates

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Steve Fredlund is the host of the RecPoker podcast and Rec.Poker website, both of which are committed to building a vibrant and encouraging poker learning community.

Steve also works diligently to encourage people live their most fulfilling lives through coaching, speaking and writing; information about that is at