Play’n GO Offers A ‘Wealth Series’ Of New Slot Play Action

Play’n GO Offers A ‘Wealth Series’ Of New Slot Play Action

Play’n GO Offers A ‘Wealth Series’ Of New Slot Play Action

True innovators in the gaming content industry are always looking for ways to raise the bar. Some gaming companies focus mainly on game mechanics. Other focus on bigger win potential. Play’n GO loves to keep its fans guessing. This bar can never be raised high enough.

What Games Does Play’n GO Offers A ‘Wealth’ Of New Slot Play Action?

The latest game release from Play’n GO is actually a three-part offering. It is appropriately entitled The Wealth Series. This stays true to the company mission:“As a company, we are always looking to push the envelope and move the industry forward.”

Any player or online casino operator would have to agree that the new Wealth Series accomplishes this lofty goal. The three games are:

  1. Celebration of Wealth
  2. Beast of Wealth
  3. Temple of Wealth

The trio of games were launched throughout the entire marketplace as a way to send off September with a bang. The three games stand out from each other on their own merits. However, they were designed to fully complement one another. The net result is a complete overall gaming experience.

Each game has its own unique take on prosperity. This includes different signs and symbols depicting wealth. Many of the game features offer different attributes. This lets players decide which paths they choose to take. They also have input into how they wish to navigate all the various features across three games.

The general theme of wealth ties these three games together. A much more attractive aspect is a progressive jackpot that continues to build with play. No matter which game is getting the most attention from players, the opportunity to win big remains the same.

There are four different jackpot pools built into the Wealth Series. This should broaden the appeal of all three games among avid slot players looking for big wins. Releasing the series live across all markets has also fueled early success.If you like wealth themed slot machines, take a look at God Of Wealth, and Reels of Wealth.

Play’n GO CEO John Tornqvist crafted the following statement on the company website.

“As a company, we are always looking to push the envelop and move the industry forward. The release of the Wealth Series reaffirms our commitment to providing our partners with more. More variety and more quality within that. The Wealth Series is a new way to look at gaming. A unified gaming experience across three fantastic titles. Who knows where this can lead!”

Screen shots of the three games quickly depict unique symbols to each one. The Celebration of Wealth is lighter and more colorful. Beast of Wealth is much more primal in its presentation. Temple of Wealth adds adventure to the plate while searching the unknown.

The overall gameplay experience should include a trip through all three titles. That is the best way for players to access this fully immersive concept. The games will invariably be compared to one another. That is the whole idea behind releasing an entire series of slots at the same time.

The shared progressive jackpot is another great way to tie everything together. The fact there are four jackpot opportunities adds to the inherent attraction.

• Source: Play’n GO Bring the Wealth with Triple Game Release From On September 17, 2020.

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