Penetrations Effect on Betting

I don’t know how I missed this, I even remember originally writing down a bet spread for a 1 pen game and after switching to a 1.5 pen game noticing my bet spread was off…

What I missed is that when changing your penetration in CVCX it changes your win loss percentage. As an example in Hi-Lo (According to CVCX) H17, DaS, 6D 5Pen: We gain an edge at a true 1 with a win/loss at 0.18% but after changing the pen to 4.5 we still gain our advantage at a true 1 with a win/loss at 0.16%

A loss in EV but doesn’t need much of a change in strategy.

Though using reKO it does seem to change our strategy:

Same rules with a 5 pen game using reKO we gain our edge at -2 with a win/loss at 0.10% but switching it to a 4.5 game we instead gain our edge at -3 with a win/loss of 0.11%

So if we were to raise our bets based on a betting strategy put together when looking at a 5 Pen game in a 4.5 pen game we’re betting into a -0.10% instead of the +0.10% we think we’re betting.

Is my poorly presented math correct?

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