Online Live Blackjack (For Americans)


Other seemingly experienced posters have mentioned these things over and over again, but I felt like making one thread dedicated to this topic to clear up anything muddy about it.

I have brain damage, unfortunately. Whether it was the result of gambling online (and losing obviously), or being brain damaged led me to gambling online, I don’t have much time left alive. However, it would make me feel better if one person now or in the future was thinking about depositing money onto one of these tables, believing it to be a fair game where with good skills and practice they would win, decided not to after reading the facts.

I started practicing zen count about 3 months ago because I was tired of losing online, but liked playing blackjack. What makes the game interesting for me is waiting through negative shoe composure, seeing what trash hands are made in your hole and the dealer’s, and then being rewarded when the pendulum shifts to a positive count into the player’s favor, and seeing what hands come out.

Unfortunately when a player is playing with the shoe cut in half (50%) penetration, just because of reality and numbers you will almost never get favorable series. Usually, as soon as some light starts to shed, time is up and then cards that were ‘shuffled’ off camera come as a new shoe. Counting has no effect on these rules, because the cards are shuffled before any significant change is allowed to occur.

Because I have brain damage, I learn things in hindsight, after the fact. All the hundreds of hours I wasted on their tables, and never reaching a true 1 in either direction, maybe 3% of the time, never computed fully until now. The posts here on reddit, never fully computed, until now. I had to read dozens of posts dating back to 2010 on countless blackjack forums, written by dozens of different players, all stating the same things and the math behind it. Oh, and of course, lose thousands and more importantly hundreds of hours of time. There is nothing interesting about this live game; I have way more fun playing with playchips on the app I practice on. The only experience I’ve had playing online is experiencing loss streaks of 4-8 hands, every other shoe. The variance in the House’s favor is remarkably bad, the runouts I’ve seen on there. Add to the fact that you have no idea what’s going on in the back room, there are so many ways to rig the game even further on top of already impossible rules.

Finally understanding this, I’ve started to look for a 9-5 again, minimum wage and I’ll be jumping up and down. The app that I practice on, I’ve maintained a rank of top 100 for months. Their rules are identical to the ones I played in @ Borgata 3.5 years ago: ~ 75% pen, DAS, 3:2 bj, and unlike Borgata up to 3x splits which is fun. You can watch me play sometimes live @ to see how effective counting really is. But not at rigged games/rules. I get TC+1 almost every other shoe, sometimes every other 2, so I don’t feel like I’m getting boned by rigged game. I’ve seen TC+4 once on here, and +2 – 2.5 is also balanced. In the last year of playing probably 500-1000 of those rigged shoes online, between two providers, I got a TC+3 one time. And I remember in that series, the cards were shitty too. I expect to win nearly every fucking hand when I have a +3% increase in advantage; fuck that shit bro.

So in conclusion, as people have mentioned before, and on these other forums, if this is a question about earning money, reality is a person will earn more for their time spent working at McDonalds. This is a 100% mathematical fact, to clear up any possible delusional thinking a person has. So that could only mean that if you play online, you’re either: addicted and need help, or don’t know any better, in which case I hope this information might change the latter.

Good day, and good luck.

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