Observations based on one day of play – LKQ Poker Room Review by

Here are my observations based on 10 hours of play during last weekend:

Good things:



1. Great chairs

2. The food is affordable and delicious

3. The only place to play legal poker within 150 mile radius from Atlanta, GA

4. Streamed games on You-Tube channel, RFID technology table, which includes cash games and some final tables of tournaments.

5. Time rake ( renamed to avoid liability as “rental chair price”), increasing discounts with the pre-paid amount purchased.

6. Somewhat ( but not overly) friendly cashiers, floor, and dealers.

—–this is where good things end —–

Bad things:



1. Dealers forget to clock-in and clock-out the customers. Results in over-payment or underpayment of time rake by unsuspecting fish.

2. Dealers play as customers too, often on the same day, right after their shift. According to my experience in other venues, management which allows these practices completely disregards integrity of the game ( collusion, conflict of interest etc). I wouldn’t be surprised if those were present at LKQ, too.

3. Unlike a casino, this charity room is reluctant to throw unruly, rude, disrespectful, or otherwise undesirable customers out and deny them entry. During the short period of my play, I witnessed two brawls with no consequences.

4. Dealers forget to announce it when the empty seat is available at their table, and when they do announce, the floor manager forgets to pay attention – despite the 15+ long waiting list.

5. Dealers call other dealers and regulars by name, and completely disregard non-regular guests in their interactions. Selective preferential treatment of wrong category, not healthy if the goals is to bring in more players.

6. Players in this establishment have tendency to place subtle marks on, and bend the Aces. Dealers pay no attention.

7. Tables have no automatic shufflers, and dealers are often rushed to deal the next hand, which results in not -so random dealing.

8. I saw tournament winners collecting their winnings. Tournament prizes are paid out by checks, not cash.

9. This establishment logs every time you buy and sell the chips, thus having complete information about your wins and/or losses. It is unclear to what extent this data is shared with the IRS and under what circumstances.

10. The management is reluctant to enforce any standard of player abuse prevention, hence incentivizing the players to engage in questionable conduct. For example, I overheard the following conversation between a dealer, who played as a customer, and an apparent regular at my table: “Dude, the guy in the black cap on Table 3 is such a fish! Let’s go there!”

11. No change seat button at tables

12. No change table formal process


Bottom line:

The only reason this establishment exists are prohibitive gambling laws of Georgia state, and poor player treatment at their closest competitor (Cherokee’s Harrah’s).

The place has some potential, but if (currently mediocre) management does not address work ethic and integrity issues among their staff (and security of fish from other players’ abuse), I envision very short lived operation at this room. If you pre-paid your time rake to get that discount, your dollars may be at risk.

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