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Session #32 of the High Stakes Feud took an intriguing turn Monday, as Upswing co-founder Doug Polk incorporated limping into his preflop gameplay arsenal in an effort to reduce variance with just over 5,600 hands remaining in the grudge match.

“Yo Doug, what’s up with these limps?”

Viewers of the Doug Polk Poker Session #32 Live Stream were quick to inquire about Polk’s newfound affection for preflop limping.

The 2015 Brains vs. AI Challenge winner informed commentators Jamie Kerstetter and Mike Brady that preflop limping serves two purposes:

(a) limping increases Doug’s expected value, although it’s a more complex strategy
(b) limping reduces variance

“We are trying to lower the variance. Because the issue is, let’s say we lose ten buy-ins in the next few {thousand} hands. Then we end up in a really sh–ty situation. So it’s a little bit of a prevent… we’re playing ‘prevent defense.’ We’re trying to keep it in front. We can give some first downs. It’s okay, but we’re just trying to not let him score. We can not have another -$400k session. It just would put this way too close. So we’re going to go with a lower variance style.” -Doug Polk, Session #32 Post-Game {2:30:15-2:32:00}

Daniel Negreanu Says ‘Grandma Doug’ Strategy ‘Can’t Win’

Despite Polk’s justification for employing a new wrinkle into his game, Daniel Negreanu was having no part in declaring limping as a superior heads-up preflop strategy.

At the beginning of Monday’s GGPoker post-game interview with Jeff Platt and Remko Rinkema, Negreanu labeled Polk’s shift in strategy as a product of fear and concern on the Supreme Leader‘s behalf.

[embedded content]

“It’s become significant because {Doug} doesn’t have just money on this match to play. He’s got big side bets on the line, right? So it’s clear to me that there’s fear and concern over now losing that lead. Right? So now it’s like, ‘Oh boy! Let’s hang on tight!’ But as far as playing against it? I feel for him honestly. I do. First of all, he doesn’t like playing poker much anyway. I can’t imagine he enjoys playing the way he did today, because he can’t win.” -Daniel Negreanu, Session #32 post-game {2:38:20-2:39:11}

Negreanu would go a step further moments later in the interview — suggesting that Doug’s Session #32 gameplay is guaranteed to deliver a modest edge to “Kid Poker” for the remainder of the match…

“This is like ‘New Nitty Doug.’ This is ‘Grandma Doug.’” -Daniel Negreanu, Session #32 post-game {2:45:30}

…and that proposition bettors who wager on PokerShares should consider Negreanu the session favorite if Doug incorporates a similar preflop strategy on Wednesday.

Rob Yong High Stakes Feud Prop Bet Now Looking Great?

Dusk Till Dawn poker room owner Rob Yong is currently ahead by $335,000 in his High Stakes Feud prop bet, which appeared to be on the ropes just a few short days ago.

It will be interesting to see how side bets may impact the final 5,600 hands of the High Stakes Feud “grudge match” between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk.

Round #33 begins Wednesday, January 27th, at 2:30PM Pacific Time.

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