Needing some advice on the various cash out methods when located in the US

I showed one of my friends a online casino (planet 7) and he won 1600.00 off a no deposit bonus on his very first online casino ?? Now he is trying to cash out and they don’t have the greatest reviews as far as cash out times go so I’m just trying to make sure we make this go as smoothly as possible so this doesn’t potentially take months to cash out.. assuming they pay at all ?

His bank is saying that international checks have a 40 day hold and the casino is saying the check is void after 30 days. I don’t really feel comfortable telling him to use his bank info for direct deposit from the casino because he uses that bank account for direct deposit from his job and everything else. The casino won’t tell him which banks are more lenient with international deposits so I wouldn’t even know where to start with him just opening a new bank account.

I told him to order skrill card because it was always my understanding that skrill was used for online gambling but now I’m hearing they close USA accounts if they have suspicion of online gambling. I’ve tried Bitcoin in the past (coin base and blockchain) and apparently I’m an idiot cuz I’ve never had any luck figuring it out. Not opposed to trying Bitcoin again but it’s all kind of overwhelming when you don’t know what the hell you are doing.

Can anyone with experience with different cash out methods offer a little advice?

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