Linear vs. exponential vs. other betting strategies?

I don’t have any simulation software so I am hoping to get some advice on betting strategies that vary with true count and that capture most of the value of counting, independent of bankroll size.

2 simple strategies that I can think of, assuming my betting units are equal to the min table bet, are to bet linearly (i.e., bet 1 unit with TC <1, bet 2 units when TC = 1, 3 units when TC = 2, 4 units for TC = 3 etc.). This is assuming that I would play through counts less than 1, but could be adjusted to start with 1 unit at TC = 1. Another strategy could be to double the betting units each time (i.e., 1 unit at TC = 1, 2 units at TC = 2, 4 units at TC = 3, 8 units at TC = 4 etc.), though this one seems like it would quickly blow up to betting too many units as TC grows and have a high risk of ruin. However, I am not sure how likely it is to get TC above 5+, 6+ etc., so I would want a strategy where I am at least betting my maximum some of the time.

Does anyone have any pointers about what a good betting pattern is in general, to maximize EV and minimize risk of ruin for arbitrary bankroll size?

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