Jammin’ Jars slot

The great thing about this slot is that when you have the bonus the anticipation is greater because you have a better idea of whether or not the free spins are going to be profitable (of course, there’s still no guarantee). If the 3 jars come down close to each other then you’re more rightly entitled to believe you’re going to a get a good bonus round.

I know it’s a RNG and the pay-out when you spin (before the reels land) is pre-determined but by the same token the initial layout of the bonus game generally forebodes what the result of the free spins are going to be.

I say this from experience on the game (I haven’t played much but I played it because it’s seen plenty of big pay-outs (see YT)) and overall being in profit. I had a 1900x win this evening (this is not a humble brag) which is the best return I’ve ever had on a slot (I’ve played a lot of spins in my life relative to the average person). I was irrationally confident I’d have a huge pay-out as soon as the layout of the bonus game landed so anecdotally my point is not untrue.

I recommend this game. If anyone can recommend similar games in return I would be pleased.

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