Is the worst Bitcoin Casino? has been trending on online forums as one of the worst bitcoin casino. One thing that we can attest to is that the industry is lacking the journalist neutrality that it’s supposed to have. Marketers are paying people to make bad comments, as well as, make good ones.

In this article, we will focus on and see whether things were worse or better than was stated. The casino offers Dice and Slots which are two fairly decent crypto options for gambling games. The currency called play money is used, but this is a currency that holds no value. With the currency, you will be able to transfer your coins and exchange them.

At the casino, you will find a range of the common cryptocurrencies which are Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin. At a later date, there was the introduction of Altcoin and DarkGold which are not common, but we believe they might have been added for promotional purposes.

When you look at the Dice game at this casino, it is the normal dice game we play, but at the casino, it has worse graphics. The speed on this is terrible, and the interface is not pleasing at all. The beauty of playing this game at the casino is that the house edge is at a low of 1% there is also an auto-bet feature and roll speeds are pretty fair. The house edge is lower compared to other bitcoin casinos, and this is a great thing; let’s see whether there’s something else good with crypto games.

Looking at the game’s interface, you will learn that the dice game has a classic layout with the bets showing on the right-hand side of the screen instead of the area below. The game has a heart-breaking feature which makes it hard for one to play and this is the split-second lag between the click and the outcome. When playing it would be important for one to have good speeds and get some originality from the gameplay. This also affects the time the bets show up to show whether you won or lost.

The slots at this bitcoin casino are better compared to its counterparts, and in the fruits game option, you will find one game which has the same symbols and similar payouts. The way you place your bets is different where you get to increase your bets by 10, 100 or 1000. This means that it will take you some time to make a bet of an amount like 550. But we believe this is not as good as what you get from other casinos.

You will not find a double, half or maximum bet buttons which is not bad but is a downside for players who are exposed to other casinos with better services.#


In conclusion, crypto-games is not all that good but they did not deserve all the bashing they received from guys in the different forums, but we believe they will change or throw in the towel.

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