Is a course needed to be a card counter?

I have been very interested in counting for a while. And am not about to embark on the journey of doing so I have basic strategy down for the most part but that’s the first step for me is to learn basic strategy.

My question is I hear a lot of people from podcast and different stuff all talk about Black Jack Apprenticeship. And realistically it’s just a few hundred bucks so not too bad but is it needed?

I definitely want to go into the casino with the best edge possible and I know even with counting that edge is not very high, so no mistakes are allowed. I feel as if there is a lot of info you can find online but some software is prob worth having so idk what’s your opinion is it worth it? Should I wait till I can keep a running count and deck estimate and have a few deviations down then get it just to sharpen my game? Or get it now?

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