Indiana Casinos To Enforce Additional Measures Against Covid-19

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb published today an executive order to tighten measures against the spread of Covid-19. Casinos must adjust to the new requirements, which include social distancing and signage.

New Protocols Set For 30 Days

As the number of positive coronavirus cases is skyrocketing in Indiana, casinos will not close for a second time but will follow guidelines from the Governor’s Executive Order from November 15.

In his latest Executive Order signed on Friday, Governor Eric Holcomb stated a number of requirements against the spread of Covid-19, for the period from November 15 to December 12.

According to the Indiana Gaming Commission’s guidance, gambling facilities had to set up today a reserved space away from the gaming floors, for eating, drinking, and smoking.

All Hoosiers are now required to wear face coverings, to avoid spreading the virus. This, of course, includes every person in the casinos’ gaming areas, players, and staff.

The Governor has set new limitations on events and gatherings and mandated social distancing of minimum six feet. Gaming facilities also have to install visible signage for their public and staff entrances, as well as add space between furniture, counters, and gaming amenities.

Covid-19 Categorization Per County

The State’s Department of Health has established a color-coded map and system to control and measure weekly cases of Covid-19.

The four categories, blue, yellow, orange, and red, each represent increasing levels of contamination, with counties required to follow different or additional procedures. The current 50% capacity of casinos would be reduced by 15% if the casino county reaches the red designation.

Lake and LaPorte counties are currently both in the orange designation, just below red, which means “very high positivity and community spread”. In the event of a move from orange to red, every casino in the county will be required to adjust its protocols within 24 hours.

Positive Cases on The Rise in Indiana

On top of the Governor’s order, local authorities and casino administrations have the possibility to tighten protocols and add measures as they see fit.

While the State’s hospitals are reporting 210 new coronavirus patients per day, Governor Holcomb said the government is doing its best to minimize contamination across communities. Local governments will receive $20 million in funding to combat the impact of the pandemic.

“The number of hospitalized COVID patients is at an all-time high – 2,544 to be exact, and hospital officials tell us that in some instances, their patient numbers may double over the next several weeks.”

Governor Holcomb also called for every citizen to get tested for Covid-19, and for businesses and individuals to respect the social distancing and face-covering measures.

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