Idaho man wins lottery for the sixth time

It’s his largest prize to-date

By Kate Northrop

MERIDIAN, Idaho — There’s a player in Idaho whose luck refuses to run out after he played the lottery and won a large prize for the sixth time last week to the tune of $250,000, his largest prize yet.

Bryan Moss of Meridian might be the luckiest person in the state after he scooped up the first $250,000 top prize from the Idaho Lottery’s “$250,000 Crossword” scratch-off game, his sixth big win to-date.

He purchased the winning ticket at the ExtraMile convenience store on East Goldstone Drive and South Eagle Road in Meridian. The retailer will receive a $20,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling the ticket.

On Thursday, the lucky winner claimed his $250,000 prize at Lottery headquarters in Boise. That same morning, the owner of the Newko Sport and Nutrition health store in Meridian took to social media to announce his win, which was met with plenty of congratulatory remarks and positive reactions.

“You totally deserve it,” one Facebook user said. “You’re such a good guy. Always been kind and fair. I’m happy for you!”

Other users also wondered if he would consider playing on their behalf in hopes that he would lend his luck.

“I’ve tried playing for others,” he admitted on his post. “It doesn’t work.”

One more commenter was blown away by the prospect of winning the lottery six times and asked him what his secret was.

“I use the force,” he coyly responded.

In a press release, the fortunate player said that he continues to play the lottery to support schools in the state and plans to put his winnings aside for his daughter’s future education.

“I’m proud to help support Idaho public schools; that’s really why I play,” he told the Lottery.

According to the Lottery, money allocated to schools across the state helps maintain and improve student occupied facilities as well as public university buildings, college campuses, and other public buildings. Last summer, the Lottery returned $55.5 million to the state, and a grand total of $961.5 million was returned since its inception in 1989.

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