High Stakes Poker returns December 16

Mark your calendars

Despite all the lockdowns High Stakes Poker is still coming back to our screens in 2020 and today we have the date.

It returns to PokerGo on December 16 so you can possibly bingewatch it over the Christmas holiday/lockdown.

No word yet on the players this year or if it will be weekly episodes or all dropped at once, Netflix style. Poker After Dark also returns to the streaming site on December 13.

The Irish streak continues at Unibet

Ciaran Cooney
Ciaran Cooney

For two events in a row an Irishman has won the Man Event at Unibet. Earlier this month Padraig O’Neil won the Unibet Open Online Series and last night Ciaran Cooney won the IPO Main Event.

The €300 tournament, which usually takes place live in Dublin, attracted 211 runners and Ciaran won it for €12,524.

Keep an eye on Unibet who are poised to announce their final Unibet Online Series of the year, which is expected to take place in December.

Midway woes continue

It was hard not to have a slight chuckle when the Midway Poker Tour paid out their players in precious metals earlier this month in an attempt to get around gambling laws in Chicago. Since then the players involved certainly have not been laughing.

Reporter Chad Holloway, who was at the event, has been following the payouts and revealed that most of the players at the final table have not been made whole, and the event organisers have been completely silent.

It serves as a tough reminder that if a poker operator doesn’t want to pay you in real money, you should be very suspicious.

Matusow bets big on KidPoker

This Sunday we have the start of the potentially epic, potentially boring, Daniel Negreanu vs Doug Polk heads-up match.

Given he was once considered to be the best in the world at this format, Doug Polk is a massive favourite and as such you can get 4 to 1 on Daniel Negreanu to cause an upset.

One player who could not resist that is Mike Matusow, who appears to have 75% of his net worth on bets on Trump and Negreanu to emerge victorious next month. Not the kind of bankroll management we would endorse folks, please don’t try that at home.

Twitch clips without music

After the big DMCA takedowns last week it looks like this is the future of Twitch clips, watch Spraggy take down a big pot in complete silence:

Do you like Mike’s side of the bet? Let us know in the comments:

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Barry Carter

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