import os,random,time,colorama class SlotMachine: “””Here is a slot machine class that’ll work in your script – you’ll have to set it up yourself, though. There’s also a built-in slots minigame in this module that can be executed and played in the terminal, in case you missed it.n You can have as many slot machines as you can justify. To use, start by assigning this class to a variable. From there, set up your items and symbols (numbers, characters, etc) for the machine to make use of, and then set up some slot reels and give them items. You’ll figure out the rest – luck is on your side, I’m sure.””” def __init__(self,max_credits): self.credits_inserted = 0 self.credits_max = max_credits self._items = {} self._reels = [_Reel(self)] def __repr__(self): return f”SlotMachine: credits_inserted={self.credits_inserted}, credits_max={self.credits_max}, reels={len(self._reels)}, items={list(self._items.keys())} @property def items(self): “””A dictionary of items attached to this machine. Used by the reels and the slots for them.””” return self._items @property def reels(self): “””List of reels on this machine.””” return self._reels def item_add(self,name:str,worth:list,symbol:str,color=“”,is_wild:bool=False): “””Add a slot item to the items dict which can then be added to the reels.n Give it a name, a worth based on each max_credits number (e.g. max_credits = 3, worth: [int,int,int]), a text character for the reel, and an optional color. If the item name already exists, it’s contents will be overwritten. The slot item will be returned.””” si = _SlotItem(name,worth,symbol,color,is_wild) self._items.update({name:si}) return si def item_delete(self,name:str): “””Remove a slot item from the items dict and subsequently from all of the reels and return it.””” try: it = self._items.pop(name) except: return for i in range(0,len(self._reels)): self._reels[i]._slots = [x for x in self._reels[i]._slots if x.name not in name] return it def reel_setup(self,reel:int,item_name_list:list): “””Set up a reel (by index) with a list of slot items by name, in the order they are declared and return it. The item will be added to the reel if the name is found in the items dict, else will be ignored. If the reel doesn’t exist, it will be created in place and added to the slot machine. If it does exist, it’ll be overwritten with the new list.””” if reel < 0: raise Exception(“Reel index must be zero or greater.”) try: self._reels[reel]._slots.clear() except: self._reels.extend([_Reel(self) for _ in range(len(self._reels),reel+1)]) self._reels[reel]._slots.clear() for name in item_name_list: if name in self._items.keys(): self._reels[reel]._slots.append(self._items[name]) return self._reels[reel] def reel_delete(self,reel:int): “””Remove a reel from the machine and return it.””” try: x = self._reels.pop(reel) except: return return x def reel_reset(self,reel:int): “””Reset a reel to its initial, unspun state and return it.””” self.reel_spin(reel,self._reels[reel]._relative_pos) def reel_spin(self,reel:int,spin_amount:int): “””Spin a provided reel a certain amount by shifting it’s slots. Can be forward or reverse (<= -1 | >= 1).””” si = self._reels[reel]._slots if spin_amount >= 1: for i in range(spin_amount): si.insert(0,si.pop()) rel = self._reels[reel]._relative_pos self._reels[reel]._relative_pos = (rel+1) % len(si) elif spin_amount <= 1: for i in range(spin_amount,0): si.insert(len(si),si.pop(0)) rel = self._reels[reel]._relative_pos self._reels[reel]._relative_pos = (rel1) % len(si) else: return def reel_target(self,reel:int,target:str): “””Spin the provided reel so that it will line up with the first instance of the slot target on it. Target is the name of a slot item on the reel and if valid, will spin the reel until it’s first index lines up with the first instance of the slot item.””” si = self._reels[reel]._slots if target in [x.name for x in si]: self.reel_reset(reel) while self._reels[reel]._slots[0]._name != target: self.reel_spin(reel,1) else: return def results(self,min_seq:int,paylines:list): “””Read the current slots (by payline) – across all reels to find winning symbols on straight lines. Returns a list containing one of each of the winning slot item objects on each row – Wildcards aren’t included unless they make up the entire sequence.n Min seq is the number of items across reels on the row (sequentially) that are needed to trigger a win for those items. Depending on the minimum sequence and the number of reels on the machine, it’s possible to get more than one winning sequence on a play.n Paylines determine which slot rows on the machine are capable of having winning patterns and being read at all.n E.g. paylines = [0, 2, 4] means, starting with the first row, only check the first, third and fifth rows for wins.n Note: A winning sequence is only valid if it begins at the first slot for each row.””” winning_items = [] for row in paylines: temp = [] hold = None for reel in self._reels: s = reel._slots[row] if not temp: if not s.is_wild: hold = s temp.append(s) continue elif (s == hold or s.is_wild) or (not hold): if not hold and not s.is_wild: hold = s temp.append(s) else: break if len(temp) >= min_seq: if all([(i.is_wild) for i in temp]): winning_items.extend(set(filter(lambda x: x.is_wild,temp))) else: winning_items.extend(set(filter(lambda x: not x.is_wild,temp))) return list(winning_items) class _SlotItem: def __init__(self,name:str=“”,worth:list=[],symbol:str=“”,color=“”,is_wild:bool=False): self._name = name self._worth = worth self._symbol = symbol self._color = color self._is_wild = is_wild def __repr__(self): return f”SlotItem: {self.name} @property def name(self): return self._name @property def worth(self): return self._worth @property def symbol(self): return self._symbol @property def color(self): return self._color @property def is_wild(self): return self._is_wild class _Reel: def __init__(self,machine:SlotMachine): self._machine = machine self._relative_pos = 0 self._slots = [_SlotItem()] def __repr__(self): return f”Reel: relative_pos={self._relative_pos} @property def slots(self): return self._slots def slot_add(self,item_name:str): “””Add a slot item by name to the end of the reel. If the name doesn’t already exist in the items dict, this won’t do anything.””” if item_name in self._machine._items.keys(): self._slots.append(self._machine._items[item_name]) def slot_delete(self,pos:int): “””Delete a slot item in the reel by index position and return it. Won’t do anything if index is out of range.””” return self._slots.pop(pos) def slot_remove(self, item_name:str): “””Remove all instances of a specific slot item in the reel without changing reel length. If the name doesn’t already exist in the items dict, this won’t do anything.””” for i in range(len(self._slots)): if self._slots[i].name == item_name: self._slots[i] = [] #Slot machine mini-game def play_slot_machine_game(): “””Mini-game that plays in the terminal using a slot machine object. Enjoy!””” #Begin use_termios = False try: import msvcrt except ImportError: import termios use_termios = True colorama.init(autoreset=True) IND1,IND2 = ” “*2,” “*5 RUNTIME = True class Game: slots = [] game_over = False spinning = False input_active = True current_prompt = 0 current_bet = 0 current_freespins = 0 current_result = “” money_player = 0 money_house = 0 debug = False class Animations: lsv = “|” rsv = “|” ldv = “$$$” rdv = “$$$” tv = [“”]*9 l_spin = [‘|’,,‘—’,‘/’] r_spin = [‘|’,‘/’,‘—’,] l_dollar = [‘$$$’,‘ ‘,‘ $’,‘ $$’] r_dollar = [‘$$$’,‘ ‘,‘$ ‘,‘$$ ‘] table = [“”,colorama.Back.WHITE] @classmethod def animate(cls,machine:SlotMachine,anim_slots,anim_title,anim_table,anim_money,choices=[],result:_SlotItem=None): #Animate all the flashy bits and spin the reels as needed def interval(speed,cycle=[0],instant_start=True): t = (time.time() + 1 / (speed * len(cycle))) if not instant_start else time.time() while True: if t < time.time(): t = time.time() + 1 / (speed * len(cycle)) yield True else: yield False reel_speeds = (1.5,1.0,1.2) reel_duration = interval(random.uniform(1.2,2.0),instant_start=False) spinny = [interval(10,cls.l_spin),0] dollar = [interval(2,cls.l_dollar),0] table_blink = [interval(2,cls.table),0] table_cell = [i for i,j in enumerate(list(machine.items.keys())) if j == result.name][0] if result else 0 payout = result.worth[Game.current_bet1] if result else 0 orig_pay = Game.money_player if result and result.name != Free Spins” else Game.current_freespins money_factor = interval(payout if payout > 0 else 1) reel_stopped = [False,False,False] slot_cycles = [interval(reel_speeds[x],machine.reels[x].slots) for x in range(len(machine.reels))] cr = 0 while True: draw_game() #Reels if anim_slots: Game.spinning = True spin_dir = 1 if next(reel_duration): machine.reel_target(cr,choices[cr]) machine.reel_spin(cr,2) reel_stopped[cr] = True cr += 1 for i in range(len(machine.reels)): if next(slot_cycles[i]) and not reel_stopped[i]: machine.reel_spin(i,spin_dir) spin_dir = spin_dir if all(reel_stopped): Game.spinning = False break #Title if anim_title: if next(spinny[0]): spinny[1] = (spinny[1]+1) % len(cls.l_spin) cls.lsv = cls.l_spin[spinny[1]] cls.rsv = cls.r_spin[spinny[1]] if next(dollar[0]): dollar[1] = (dollar[1]+1) % len(cls.l_dollar) cls.ldv = cls.l_dollar[dollar[1]] cls.rdv = cls.r_dollar[dollar[1]] #Table if anim_table: if next(table_blink[0]): table_blink[1] = (table_blink[1]+1) % len(cls.table) cls.tv[table_cell] = cls.table[table_blink[1]] #Money if anim_money: if next(money_factor): if result.name == Free Spins”: Game.current_freespins += 1 if Game.current_freespins >= orig_pay + payout: Game.current_freespins = orig_pay + payout break else: Game.money_house -= 1 Game.money_player += 1 if Game.money_house <= 0: Game.money_house = 0 break if Game.money_player >= orig_pay + payout: Game.money_player = orig_pay + payout break #Cleanup cls.lsv = cls.l_spin[0] cls.rsv = cls.r_spin[0] cls.ldv = cls.l_dollar[0] cls.rdv = cls.r_dollar[0] cls.tv[table_cell] = cls.table[0] draw_game() def flush_input(): if use_termios: termios.tcflush(os.sys.stdin, termios.TCIOFLUSH) else: while msvcrt.kbhit(): msvcrt.getch() def draw_game(): #Clear screen of stuff if os.name == “nt”: os.system(“cls”) else: os.system(“clear”) #Value assignment lsv = Animations.lsv rsv = Animations.rsv ldv = Animations.ldv rdv = Animations.rdv tv = Animations.tv r = lambda x,y: f”{sm.reels[x].slots[y].color}{sm.reels[x].slots[y].symbol}{colorama.Style.RESET_ALL} #Draw slot machine and payout table print(f”{IND1+IND2*2}{lsv} Welcome to the {ldv}Lucky Terminal{rdv} slot machine! {rsv}n) print(f”{IND1}——————-{IND2*4}———————————–“) print(f”{IND1}| {r(0,0)} | {r(1,0)} | {r(2,0)} |{IND2*4}{tv[0]}{sm.items[‘Jackpot’].color}| $$$ | 300/600/1000 | Jackpot |”) print(f”{IND1}| {r(0,1)} | {r(1,1)} | {r(2,1)} |{IND2*4}{tv[1]}{sm.items[‘Lucky’].color}| 777 | 100/200/300 | Lucky |”) print(f”{IND1}| {r(0,2)} | {r(1,2)} | {r(2,2)} | <– Payline{IND1*4}{tv[2]}{sm.items[‘Bell’].color}| &&& | 50/100/150 | Bell |”) print(f”{IND1}| {r(0,3)} | {r(1,3)} | {r(2,3)} |{IND2*4}{tv[3]}{sm.items[‘Cherry’].color}| %%% | 20/40/60 | Cherry |”) print(f”{IND1}| {r(0,4)} | {r(1,4)} | {r(2,4)} |{IND2*4}{tv[4]}{sm.items[‘Bar’].color}| ### | 10/20/30 | Bar |”) print(f”{IND1}——————-{IND2*4}{tv[5]}{sm.items[‘Jewel’].color}| +++ | 5/10/15 | Jewel |”) print(f”{IND1}{IND2*7+IND1*2}{tv[6]}{sm.items[‘Coin’].color}| @@@ | 2/4/6 | Coin |”) print(f”{IND1}{IND2*7+IND1*2}{tv[7]}{sm.items[‘Wild’].color}| ??? | 1/2/3 | Wild |”) print(f”{IND1}{IND2*7+IND1*2}{tv[8]}{sm.items[‘Free Spins’].color}| !!! | (1)/(2)/(3) | Free Spins |”) print(f”{IND1}——————-{IND2*4}———————————–“) #Draw money area print(f”{IND1}The House: {Game.money_house}) print(f”{IND1}You: {Game.money_player}) print(f”n{IND1}Credits: {sm.credits_inserted}) print(f”{IND1}Free Spins: {Game.current_freespins}) print(f”{IND1}——————-n) #Spinning and result state if Game.spinning: print(f”{IND1}Spinning…n) elif Game.current_result: print(f”{IND1}{Game.current_result}n) #60 fps max refresh rate – prevents console flickering time.sleep(1/60) #Runtime while RUNTIME: #Initialize Game.money_house = 800 Game.money_player = 200 sm = SlotMachine(3) Game.slots = []*10 sm.item_add(Jackpot,[300,600,1000],“$”,colorama.Fore.LIGHTWHITE_EX) sm.item_add(“Lucky”,[100,200,300],“7”,colorama.Fore.LIGHTCYAN_EX) sm.item_add(“Bell”,[50,100,150],“&”,colorama.Fore.LIGHTYELLOW_EX) sm.item_add(“Cherry”,[20,40,60],“%”,colorama.Fore.LIGHTRED_EX) sm.item_add(“Bar”,[10,20,30],“#”,colorama.Fore.LIGHTWHITE_EX) sm.item_add(“Jewel”,[5,10,15],“+”,colorama.Fore.LIGHTBLUE_EX) sm.item_add(“Coin”,[2,4,6],“@”,colorama.Fore.LIGHTMAGENTA_EX) sm.item_add(“Wild”,[1,2,3],“?”,colorama.Fore.LIGHTGREEN_EX,is_wild=True) sm.item_add(“Free Spins”,[1,2,3],“!”,colorama.Fore.LIGHTWHITE_EX) sm.item_add(” “,[0,0,0],“-“) sm.reel_setup(0,[“Jackpot”,” “,“Cherry”,” “,“Coin”,” “,“Free Spins”,” “,“Lucky”,” “,“Bar”,” “,“Wild”,” “,“Bell”,” “,“Jewel”,” “]) sm.reel_setup(1,[“Lucky”,” “,“Bar”,” “,“Wild”,” “,“Jewel”,” “,“Bell”,” “,“Coin”,” “,“Free Spins”,” “,“Cherry”,” “,“Jackpot”,” “]) sm.reel_setup(2,[“Bell”,” “,“Jewel”,” “,“Free Spins”,” “,“Lucky”,” “,“Bar”,” “,“Coin”,” “,“Jackpot”,” “,“Wild”,” “,“Cherry”,” “]) slot_probability = { Jackpot:random.randint(1,10), “Lucky”:random.randint(2,10), “Bell”:random.randint(2,10), “Cherry”:random.randint(3,10), “Bar”:random.randint(4,10), “Jewel”:random.randint(4,10), “Coin”:random.randint(4,10), “Wild”:random.randint(5,10), “Free Spins”:random.randint(6,10), ” “:random.randint(1,5) } #Game Loop while True: #Initial draw draw_game() #Player input if Game.input_active: prompts = [ f”{IND1}Place a bet and press ‘Enter’ to spin the slots!n{IND1}(You can also put in ‘Q’ at any time to quit)n{IND1}>”, f”{IND1}Current bet: {Game.current_bet}n{IND1}Press ‘Enter’ to spin again or place a different bet belown{IND1}>”, f”{IND1}You should know, the house always wins…n{IND1}Game Over – You lose…Play again?(Y/N)n{IND1}>”, f”{IND1}Wow! You beat the house! Now, the house will beat you…in a dark alley.n{IND1}Game Over – You win…Play again?(Y/N)n{IND1}>” ] err_msgs = [ f”{IND1}, f”{IND1}Invalid input. Try again.”, f”{IND1}Bet must be a number between 1 and {sm.credits_max}. Try again.”, f”{IND1}Not enough money left!” ] err_msg = 0 while True: flush_input() draw_game() if err_msg != 0: print(err_msgs[err_msg]) err_msg = 0 time.sleep(2) continue pi = input(prompts[Game.current_prompt]) if Game.game_over: if pi in [“y”,“Y”,“yes”,“YES”,“Yes”]: break elif pi in [“n”,“N”,“no”,“NO”,“No”]: RUNTIME = False break else: err_msg = 1 continue else: if pi.isdigit(): if int(pi) > sm.credits_max or int(pi) < 1: err_msg = 2 continue elif int(pi) > Game.money_player: err_msg = 3 continue else: sm.credits_inserted = Game.current_bet = int(pi) Game.current_prompt = 1 break elif pi == “” and Game.current_prompt == 1: if Game.money_player < Game.current_bet: err_msg = 3 continue sm.credits_inserted = Game.current_bet break elif pi.lower() == “q”: RUNTIME = False break else: err_msg = 1 continue #Stop game if we aren’t playing anymore if not RUNTIME or Game.game_over: break #Handle money and freebies if Game.current_freespins > 0: Game.current_freespins -= 1 else: Game.money_house += Game.current_bet Game.money_player -= Game.current_bet #Animate reels and title flashiness if Game.debug: slot_choices = [“Wild”,“Lucky”,“Wild”] else: slot_choices = random.choices([k for k in slot_probability.keys()],[v for v in slot_probability.values()],k=3) Animations.animate(sm,True,True,False,False,slot_choices) #Display results, payout and animate draw_game() spin_results = { “-“:f”Too bad.”, “!”:f”You got {Game.current_bet} Free Spin{‘s’ if Game.current_bet>1 else }!”, “?”:f”Whoa, that’s wild…”, “@”:f”Ka-ching!”, “+”:f”Ooh…Shiny!”, “#”:f”Way to raise the bar!”, “%”:f”Eat, drink and be Cherry!”, “&”:f”You are for whom the bell tolls!”, “7”:f”Killer Seven Wooooo!!!”, “$”:f”HOLY CRAP! JACKPOT!!!” } result = sm.results(3,[2]) if result: Game.current_result = spin_results[result[0].symbol] Animations.animate(sm,False,True,True,True,result=result[0]) else: Game.current_result = spin_results[“-“] draw_game() #Check current money if Game.money_player <= 0: Game.game_over = True Game.current_prompt = 2 elif Game.money_house <= 0: Game.game_over = True Game.current_prompt = 3 #Cleanup sm.credits_inserted = 0 Game.current_result = “” time.sleep(1) flush_input() #End if __name__ == “__main__”: play_slot_machine_game()

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