Fruit Machine Slot Symbols Explained

Once upon a time in the late 1800s the Liberty Bell machine was created by a particularly inventive and savvy engineer, something that was at the time the world’s first true slot machine.

This was a landmark moment in the history of gambling in general, because the slot machine was the first new casino game to enter the casino world since the outrageously exciting arrival of roulette back in the early 1800s. And there’s more too, because the slot machine helped take the gambling industry to the next level throughout the 20th century.

Seriously, if you mention the phrase slot machine to most people these days they will know exactly what you are on about, mainly because fruit machine slots in particular are commonplace in a variety of places, from casinos to bars, pubs all the way through to nightclubs. But here’s the thing: why did fruit machine symbols end up the way they are? Keep reading for a lowdown on fruit machine slot symbols, where we’ll explain everything you need to know understand the difference between fruit machines vs video slots!

A history of fruit machines

One of the main things to know when it comes to fruit machine slot symbols explained is the history of fruit machines, and as we mentioned earlier this is intrinsically related to a Californian mechanical engineer called Charles D. Fey who was alive in the late 1800s. He was sick of simply winning a free drink on the rudimentary slot machines available at the time, so he made some modifications and created the Liberty Bell, the first slot in the world to pay out actual coinage.That was the start of the fruit machine journey, however Mr. Fey quickly ran into some

complications, the main one being that gambling was still illegal in America at the time. And this is where the term fruit machine comes in for the first time, because in order to get around the laws people started substituting coin prizes for fruit sweets!

Who decided fruit machine symbols should be fruit?

We bet you never thought that would be the reason behind fruit machines, did you? Fruit machine slots were designed to evade the law, and this is one of the main reasons why developers decided to make the icons different pieces of fruit. Fruit looks a lot more innocent than playing card icons and liberty bells, does it not?

It is difficult to accurately guess who exactly decided that fruit machine symbols should be fruit, however you can be sure that it happened at some point in the early 1900s.

What are the different fruit machine slot symbols to look out for?

Right then, what are the different fruit machine slot symbols to look out for these days? Well, the most common are the base mode fruit icons, ones that deliver small prizes if you are lucky enough to match them across an active payline. Things get more exciting with wild and scatter fruit machine symbols, that trigger bonus features such as free spins and multipliers.

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