Emma Roberts Had A Magical Garden-Themed Baby Shower And It Looked So Cute

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It was definitely memorable.

Emma Roberts gave a tutorial today in how to throw a cute baby shower in the time of COVID-19, for your “family and pod.”

The actor, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend and actor Garrett Hedlund — a baby boy — shared photos of her party on Instagram, which had a magical garden theme.

Instagram / @emmaroberts

There were a lot of pretty moments, including her floral dress and matching mask…

And the decor, which included roses dangling from a tree.

Instagram / @emmaroberts

But the most memorable decoration was definitely the vagina-shaped floral arrangement that gave Emma a “laugh.”

Instagram / @emmaroberts

Flowers were incorporated in a bunch of other creative ways, too. Emma put some dainty ones in her water cup…

Instagram / @emmaroberts

And flower-pressed cookies and mushroom-shaped cookies were served.

Instagram / @emmaroberts

As well as “baby boy” cookies.

Instagram / @emmaroberts

The actor, who has been encouraging others to wear a mask, threw the party in an outdoors space large enough for her guests to social distance — which included Kristen Stewart and Camila Morrone, according to a source at People.

Emma thanked everyone who came for “making [her] pregnancy feel so celebrated during such wild times.”

Congrats to the mom-to-be!

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