Electric slot machine pins have been caught suspicious of. Police searched for illegal things or let …

Electric slot machine pins after a police spokesman said the actual culprit was found, suspicious netizens were arrested. Police searched for illegal things or passes

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On January 30, 2021, the reporter reported. Progress After yesterday, January 29, Major General T. In the transmission of a large number of electrical cabinets that there is a real basis for error

Found by today in the social world, I started sharing. Police officer section expected to be a patrol officer, Chokchai Police Station, Nakhon Ratchasima County, 4 officers have attended to check where the truck is parking, and the electric hatch box. Park lined up many cars.

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Each of them is covered in black cloth. There was a picture of the patrol officer with the truck driver. Open the veil from the back. Even criticized severely and it has been observed that the staff as described in the clip facilitate transportation or if you are investigating something illegal

While Lieutenant Colonel Roy Enckfireot, Lieutenant Colonel F. 2, warehouse inspection, figure unknown Baan Non Sawan, Phra Lap District, Mueang District, Khon Kaen District, 418 electric machines (slot machines) valued at nearly 40 million baht.

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