DraftKings Announces Sportsbook and Casino App for US Customers

Google is making changes on its policies, which will enable companies to place gambling apps, including sports betting apps, on the Google Play store available to US users.

News spread by Reuters and soon after that, stocks of several online sports betting companies went higher. The benefited brands include DraftKinds and Penn National Gaming.

DraftKings saw an opportunity in the changed policy to expand. The existing DraftKings’ Sportsbook and Casino app has not been available for Android users so far, only to Apple’s customers, among other channels as well.

However, last year, Google announced that companies in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and the United States can also list betting apps on Google Play.

Permit to Operate

DraftKings didn’t wait too long to have its app listed and available on Google Play, but only for users in Ireland, France, the United Kingdom and Brasil where the law allows it. Soon this will happen in the States as well.

As many other apps of the kind, the DraftKings’ Sportsbook & Casino app needs to be free so that it could qualify and to be listed as Adults only, which is the most restrictive rating of all five existing ones under which Google classifies apps.

DraftKings continues its expansion though the States now that the legalization of online gambling and sports betting is a fact around the country.

The company now operates in 12 states since earlier this month it announced adding Virginia to the list. DraftKings became the second operator to receive a sports betting permit in the state.

The Co-founder and chief executive of the company, Jason Roberts said that the launch came at the perfect time right before Super Bowl LV. He added that as part of the DraftKings’ operation in the state, the brand would bring a variety of betting options for sports fans.

Prior to its Virginia expansion, DraftKings was announced as one of the operators to launch its services for the Michigan customers. Now that the state legalized online gambling and sports betting, DraftKings will simultaneously launch both online casino gaming and internet sports betting.

According to Michigan’s law, DraftKings, along will all other 9 providers, will have to pair with state’s licensed casinos to gain authorization to offer the new forms of gambling.

Although the strong brand’s expansion is a fact, the company is still receiving some bad ranks from some analysts who believe it still has plenty of upside as more states approve its style of gambling.

Source: “DraftKings Prepares to Launch Its Sportsbook & Casino App on Google Play”, Nasdaq, January 28, 2021

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