Did you know the journey of rummy card games in Indian Families

Card games have always been a popular form of family activity in India. Card games like Teen Patti have been around for centuries.

But, another card game has made itself more popular than any other card game in India. It is rummy. You may have grown up watching your family member playing rummy and you probably love to play it with your loved ones as well.

But, what has Rummy’s journey through Indian families been like?

How long has the rummy card game existed in India?

Rummy card game has been around for nearly a century. We don’t know how it arrived in India. But, it is safe to assume that the British must have introduced it because back then India was a British colony.

The 13 cards version that arrived in India is a hybrid of Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy.

It became instantly popular in India which has always been fond of card games. Rummy card games are more exciting than any other card games. A lot of strategizing, planning and analysis are required to win rummy games.

That is why it became a popular way to spend free time. Family members began to sit down together to spend a few long hours engaged in friendly competition.

Was rummy accepted by all?

Rummy card game did not become as popular as it should have after its arrival in India. Card games are mostly associated with gambling. And, that activity has always been frowned upon by society. But, this is a misconception. Rummy is not a game of chance. Skill and expertise are required to win a rummy card game. For many decades, certain segments of the Indian population remained determined to stay away from rummy.

How did rummy’s popularity grow?

For ages, rummy was a misunderstood card game among many Indian families. But, it received justice when the Supreme Court of India in several rulings stated that rummy card game is a skill-based game and hence not gambling. Similarly, the Gambling Prohibition Act also excludes rummy from the list of games that are based on luck or chance.

Rummy card game enters a new era

Two things helped rummy become immensely popular among Indian families – first, the Supreme Court rulings and secondly, the technological era. Since the Supreme Court made rummy a legal card game, sports and gaming apps have started incorporating rummy card games.

So, now families can create accounts in gaming apps and rummy websites and play rummy online any time they want. This is especially helpful because families are so busy now that they may not even have the time to visit each other regularly and play rummy card games together. But, with the help of websites like Adda52Rummy, they can just decide on a time slot when everyone will be available and play rummy card game as a family.

In the 100 years since rummy card game arrived in India, its popularity has reached a peak. Families can bond over a rummy card game online and even win a lot of real cash when they enter rummy tournaments or play cash games.

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