Charged for a postage sticker, indeed! Crossword Clue, Crossword Solver

RANK ANSWER CLUE STAMPEDED Charged for a postage sticker, indeed! FREEPOST Without the need for a stamp (8) INK Liquid refill for a stamp pad ESSAY In philately, a design for a stamp submitted to the postal authorities for consideration but not used MOUNT A microscope slide; a postage-stamp hinge; a backing for a gem/photograph; or, a horse suitable for riding (5) DOCKAGE Fee charged for a vessel to use a dock (7) ELECTRIC Charged for a blanket when Rick is on a campaign poster (8) STIFF Such a price as is charged for a strong drink? (5) ACCUSED Charged for a small volume shown as secondhand FEE Price charged for a service (3) RAN AT Charged for a naturist to deposit some clothing ANODE What is charged for a poem? (5) ELECTRIC CHAIR Seat first charged for a fatal session (8,5) BATTERY Possibly charged for a supply of electricity (7) ION It is charged for a portion without wine PRICE Amount charged for a product VIGNETTE Portrait photograph with a faded border; central part of a postage stamp’s design; or, an illustration at the start of a book or chapter (8) STAMP Impress; postage sticker LON Chaney on a postage stamp PETER MAX Psychedelic artist whose work appeared on a postage stamp

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