Can You Use Software to Predict Slot Results?

How Slots Work

Since the inception of the first online slot in the early 1990s, the game has really grown in popularity all across the globe. From online BigWinGuide casino slots to land-based fruit machines in Vegas, the game is responsible for more than 70% of all the casino profits globally. Besides, slots make up 50% of all gambling activity.

Slots are popular because of their simplicity. One doesn’t need much knowledge to stand a chance of walking away with some cash earned from a slot machine. They are straightforward and easy to get started on. This makes them appealing to the public.

On paper, the slots’ operating mechanism seems very simple. This explains why many are tempted to come up with ways to cheat at slots. It looks so doable. With all these technological advancements how difficult could it be to beat a 30-year-old technology?

To answer the question of whether any software can be used to beat slots, we have to first understand the principle of operation behind these virtual machines.


Online slots, just like physical slot machines, take advantage of RNGs to create unique sequences every time a player presses the Spin button. Every slot game has a unique mathematical algorithm pegged to the random number generator which dictates the outcome.

Slots have a user interface customized to match the theme of the game but the principle of operation is the same across all the slot games available. The mechanics might be tweaked a little bit to give the house an edge but the overall operation is the same for all slot machines.

Since slots are powered by RNGs it is virtually impossible to predict sequences. This, however, has not deterred people from coming up with ways to cheat at slots. And some have scored big from this.


Pseudo-RNGs are similar to RNGs but don’t use algorithms to generate random numbers. They use a combination of data collected from the slot machine and apply that data to generate a random sequence. PRNGs are susceptible to hacks and individuals have used them to steal money from slot machines.

If you are an ardent slots fan, then you must have heard the story of the infamous Russian character called Alex. Alex managed to reverse-engineer the mechanism running offline slot machines and made away with millions of dollars.

By observing the behavior of specific slot machines, Alex and his friends were able to tell the exact moment when a slot machine would spit the biggest rewards. Together with his cartel, Alex targeted major casinos in the USA, Australia, Macau, Poland, and many other countries. They had earned millions of dollars before authorities caught up with them.

It is imperative to note that Alex has a background in mathematics and his PRNG escapades were guided by his high knowledge in computers and mathematical algorithms.

Cheating At Slots in 2020

Those who appear to be cheaters in the online slots industry are actually cheating the players, not the casinos. These are just swindlers who publish their books and claim that they have secret information about the principles of the slots. This “information” is being sold by completely unrealistic money.

In fact, this information is worthless, since, in fact, it is a complete profanation. You shouldn’t buy it even for fun. Perhaps it was still valid many years ago, but it is completely inapplicable to modern slots based entirely on computer technology.

For example, there is a book that states that you can constantly use slots due to knowledge of the basic “principles of betting”, as well as due to “common sense”.

However, common sense suggests the opposite – all winnings in slots are random, little can depend on the player’s decision. Yes, you can decide which slot to play (and whether to play at all), and how much money to spend on this slot. But that’s all. Permanent winnings in sustainability slots are impossible, and here’s why.

Slots are a game with negative mathematical expectation.

What does this mean?

In general, this means only one thing: the probability of losing is higher than the chances of winning. Let’s take a simple toss game as an example. If, say, one player wins when heads come up, and the other wins when a decision is made, and the winnings are always equal to one dollar, that is, the chances of winning will be equal, 1: 1.

Now let’s imagine that when heads come up, the player gets the same dollar, and the other player wins as many as two for heads. This is where the very “negative expectation” is observed, because in order to even “break through”, the first player needs to win twice as often as to lose, which is very unlikely.

All casino games work according to this model, with rare exceptions – the casino always has more chances to win than the player, otherwise it will not make money.

So you can forget about “correct bets” and that common sense can supposedly help you cheat the casino. There is also such a piece of advice: set your own win and loss limits, but although this tactic may seem interesting, in fact it will not do anything: the casino‘s chances will always be higher.

Although there are instances of people successfully cheating at offline slots over the years, the fortunes are not as lucrative in online slots. Modern virtual slots are very secure and the loopholes that cunning thieves use in offline slot machines don’t work with online versions of the game.

The secure design of the modern-day systems has eliminated the threats, which unscrupulous individuals use to infiltrate gaming systems and manipulate their operation. Although bad actors can still exploit minor loopholes in the design of some slots, the returns are often very low and not worth the effort.

Therefore, no known software can be used to cheat at online slots. All those people claiming to have pieces of computer programs, which will help you cheat at online slots are scammers. They will vanish once you have given them your money. Alternatively, they could be working in cooperation with some casinos to make you lose even more money.

Software To Use When Playing Online Slots

There are handy tools that everyone can utilize to track their slots gambling activity. This software might not boost your odds of winning but will help you make informed decisions while playing.

One such tool is Slot Tracker. It records all your slot plays, compares various statistics, tracks your finances, and provides all this data on interactive maps. The software is designed to get real-time data as you play which makes it very useful. The software is compatible with most online casinos and is capable of simultaneously tracking multiple sessions over multiple machines.

Again, this might not help you win more money, but it may give you a better visual picture of your gambling activity. You will know when to stop, the casino from which you earn the most money, and other important statistics that will dictate your future gambling activity.

There is no secret to success in online slots. There is no software that will help you predict the outcome of online games. Online slot games are all based on luck and they will forever remain so. Even if the magic software did exist, it would be illegal to use it and you would be nabbed very quickly.

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