Any tips for a beginner that cannot stop losing

I started off probably around 40% but recently I just cannot pick a winner for my life. My units are small ($10 bucks) but they’re adding up. In the last two weeks I’m 6-29 (17%). It’s miserable

I’ve been doing mostly basketball and a little hockey and man is there any point at all to gambling on anything but football? Doesn’t seem like it.

Any tips to break a slump like this? Should I just stop until football in September?

Edit: Thanks for all the responses, way more than I thought I’d get.

I’m gonna take a break and then I think some of the ways I’ll help limit myself is only betting games on national TV instead of streaming out of market games just for gambling and no live bets/parlays.

(I’ll also try to make NBA bets a rarity)

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