After Pain and Suffering… Finally Ahead

As the title might hint at… today I made another $400 to put myself $2,405 ahead as of when I started again in the middle of December with about 48 hours in. However, I am finally ahead for this year (as of starting last June) by $105 with probably close to 180-190 hours in. I’m telling all of you that are just beginning, you could have variance in either way (good or bad, very good or very bad) but make sure to get your game analyzed by someone. Someone is bound to have the software (CVCX or Pro Betting Software) to tell you if you’re playing a winning game. But it’s easier said than done. Take for an example today. I was ahead $300 and ran into a great shoe, started playing 2x$30 sometimes 2x$40 cause TC was 3-4. I was losing, and next thing you know, I’m down $250. I persisted and told myself “the next good shoe will be yours”. Sure enough, TC went to 5 and I just about won every one of those hands. I left on a high note and doubled my money. I have the software myself, so if any of you guys just starting want to know if their bet spread is good enough to play, as well as the type of rules, I’m here to help.

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