After Math: Sonos sues Google again while Facebook keeps cleaning house

There’s no such thing as a slow news week in the year 2020 but this last one has been especially hectic what with that train wreck of a presidential debate, Trump’s announcement about contracting COVID, and Google’s Pixel 5 reveal event. But that wasn’t all, here are five more of the week’s top stories.



Sonos sues Google for infringing on five more speaker patents

For the second time this year alone, the smart speaker manufacturer is taking Google to court over allegations that the internet search giant lifted some of Sonos’ most recognizable features. Really, Google, we expect this sort of behavior from the likes of Facebook, not you. Do better.



Scientists find evidence of multiple underground lakes on Mars

While scoping out a suspected subterranean lake hiding under the Martian soil, scientists stumbled across not one, not two, but three more of them encircling the original. And they’re not puddles by any means. The research team estimates the largest one to measure up to 19 miles across with the others topping out at a few kilometers apiece. But don’t expect to go swimming on the Red Planet in the near future — we’l have to bore through a kilometer of ice to get to it.



Tesla delivered 139,300 vehicles last quarter, breaking its previous record

The COVID lockdowns have hit the American auto industry hard this year with demand dropping as people stayed home and off the road. However, that apparently is not the case with Tesla which announced last week it had crushed its previous quarterly delivery record by nearly 27,000 vehicles. Over all, the company has shipped some 318,000 automobiles so far in 2020.



Amazon reveals 19,816 employees have had COVID-19

If you thought that Trump campaign rallies were rife with COVID, let me introduce you to a little place called an Amazon distribution warehouse. The company announced last week that nearly 20,000 employees had contracted the virus since the start of the year which, out of Amazon’s 1.2 million-strong workforce doesn’t sound that bad. Unless of course you work in one in Minnesota, where the infection rate is more than three times that of the rest of the state.



Facebook has removed more than 6,500 militia groups and pages

Even though the president refuses to denounce militants and white supremacists in this country — telling his militant mob of Proud Boys supporters to “stand down and stand by” during Tuesday night’s debates, — Facebook isn’t tolerating their presence on its site. Throughout August and September, the social media platform identified and wiped more than 6,500 pages and groups tied to militant movements and QAnon.

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