advice on quitting?

hello, just wanted to seek some advice on quitting- heres my story- Im 18 now, i started gambling around age 12-13. CSGO betting, i had unboxed something the value of $160. bet it up to $1400 and lost it all in the 7th grade. felt terrible, but i decided to keep gambling until around freshman year. i was down around 2k by then, just out of the blue stopped. started again junior year, now its my last couple of months and gambling has put me down more than $10,000 of my hard earned money. ive been working since i was 12. i make around $350 a week at 18 (i just turned 18 in november) and im still in highschool. i remember saving up 6 months at some shitty job i worked at when i was 16-17. i saved up 2.2k. i gambled small amounts ($25-30 here and there) and one day i decided to say fuck it and put all my money in my account and play on csgo gambling websites or Roobet. long story short was up to 3k ending up losing it all in around a week. i was sick i just felt terrbile for the next 2 weeks, got the nerve to tell my parents, sold my pc etc and STILL gambled on my phone. went to the actual casino for my 18th and brought my whole wallet in with me didnt set a limit lost $1k on BJ. went to work didnt eat lunch didnt have any money left and just struggled. parents had a talk with me that they would help me but still havent, im trying to settle down on it but i feel like i just cant. ive been up to a lot of money tons of times and never cashed out because of how much im down. im addicted to like scratch offs and shit now i blow a lot of my money on. im just kinda lost and losing money and lying about where my money goes. kinda just need some help/advice, thanks.

TLDR- down 10k been gambling since i was 12 (18 now) and need some advice on quitting.

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