Adda52’s ‘Life Ko Ace Karo’ Brand Campaign

Adda52 have launched their brand new campaign called ‘Life Ko Ace Karo’ featuring the likes of Ali Fazal and Badshah! The campaign went live on 18th February 2021! The campaign is focused on helping people to enhance their skills and also teaching them how to win at life! With so many potential strategies and Skills to grow, poker serves like a useful form of training for a wide variety of people wanting to improve these capabilities.

Adda52 have stuck with their ‘Raising The Bar’ with every new campaign and this time they have strategized and featured big stars like Ali Fazal and Badshah! They’ve launched the first video on Instagram featuring Ali Fazal and it will be followed by Badshah’s video which will showcase the excitement and rush that a person experiences when winning against real players having strong mindset, skills and mental agility.

Chief Marketing Officer of Adda52, Krishnendu Guha said,“ wants to connect with people from all walks of life, making them aware about a potential poker player within them” The campaign is conceptualised with a faceoff between Ali Fazal and Badshah wherein Ali Fazal will try to rap and Badshah will try to act. Unable to perform well in different fields, they finally resort to settling the matter on the poker tables of Adda52!

Moreover, Adda52 constantly works towards establishing new benchmarks by introducing exciting formats and different events for poker players. To expand and engage with new players, the company continually innovates and comes up with varied strategies and campaigns.

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