A career best stream score for Lex

Lex breaks his own record

Lex Veldhuis once again confirmed he is the number one streamer in the game by capturing his biggest career score on Twitch.

He came 5th in the $5,200 Blowout Series side event for $97,256.75 last night and picked up a $14,000 score in a $1,050 event at the same time to book a $110,000 profit live on stream.

It wasn’t enough to reclaim his record for the biggest poker audience on Twitch but he did manage to peak at 27,924 concurrent viewers during the stream:

Arle takes one down

His Team PokerStars teammate went one better than that result and won a Blowout Series event on Sunday.

The animated streamer bested a field of 15,570 in the $22 PKO Cooldown event for a score of $19,711.89.

That was $13,399.21 for the win and $6,312.68 in bounties.

Will Biden be a friend of online poker?

joe biden
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

He takes office tomorrow and no doubt online poker will be way down on his list of priorities, but could a Joe Biden presidency be good the game?

Law firm Dickson Wright told Gaming America magazine they believed Biden would rescind the DOJ’s 2018 opinion on the Wire Act.

If so it would remove a major roadblock for poker in the US, as the Wire Act would then only apply to sports betting.

Is KidPoker running bad?

Doug Polk managed another big win last night, taking down $73,728 over 708 hands to move his total winnings against Daniel Negreanu to $703,610 after 17,108 hands.

The question is, how badly is Daniel running? He claims he is running insanely poorly and Polk thinks quite the opposite.

Luckily for us, our friend David Lappin has plenty of time on his hands, and he put together this excellent mash-up of both exit interviews from the most recent session:

Is Negreanu running bad? Let us know in the comments:

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