7 Airbnb Yurts That Are Perfect for Your Next Couple’s Getaway

Just because it isn’t Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, it doesn’t mean you and your significant other can’t escape on a quick trip. In fact, if you’ve spent the past few months shacked up with them, that’s reason enough to plan a getaway, allowing yourselves to get reacquainted in a new environment.

But instead of those cheesy couples spas or the expected beach vacay, opt for something a little out of the ordinary, like staying in a yurt. If you’re unfamiliar with what exactly a yurt is, it’s essentially a round tent that’s covered on the outside, made popular by the nomadic groups in the grasslands of Central Asia.

While these structures may look merely quaint at first glance, stepping inside often reveals an expanse of space, with some even boasting multiple levels. Even better, because yurts do provide less space than an entire house or apartment, renting them tends to be considerably cheaper — rarely do they go for more than $200 a night. And if you’re still concerned about social distancing, these little guys are pretty conducive to it as they often stand by themselves in open spaces, far away from others.

Below are seven yurts available on Airbnb, all peppered throughout the country and ready to receive your and your S.O. Or, if you just wanna get away by yourself, we wouldn’t blame you.


Luxury Eco Yurt at the Cedars Ranch

Wimberely, Texas


Adirondack Mountain Yurt at Blue Pepper Farm

Jay, New York


Yurt Overlooking the Chama River

Abiquiu, New Mexico


Floyd Yurt Lodging

Floyd, Virginia


Stargazer Yurt on 40 Acres

Yucca Valley, California


Yurt Glamping with Mountain Views

Asheville, North Carolina


Tranquil Glamping Yurt Near Eugene

Springfield, Oregon

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