3 Teams that Benefit the Least from the NHL 2020/21 Realignment

With the NHL 2019/20 season set to resume in a couple of weeks, the organizers plan to realign their divisions keeping in mind the extraordinary circumstances from the year. We made a list of three teams that would benefit the most from the situation. However, with the NHL and the Players’ Association reworking the rules for 2020/21, a few notable alterations were made to the way the remaining portion of the current season is set to be played out.

As all prior projections were thrown out the door, we’ve compiled a list of three teams that are set to benefit the least from the NHL’s realignment effort.

Buffalo Sabres


buffalo-sabresWhile most of the teams from the Atlantic Division have faired quite well in the realignment, the Toronto Maple Leafs are at a slight advantage as they’re the current favorites from the North Division at +225. The Senators and Canadiens are also in-line to follow the Maple Leafs in the balanced all-Canadian division. And despite a lackluster offseason, the Panthers are in a favorable spot in the Central Division too.

The same cannot be said for the Sabres though. Not only did they get thrown in with the heavyweights in the East Division, but they also have the Boston Bruins for company. This comes right at the end of a fairly successful offseason too when the Sabres were just gaining confidence. Not to sound disheartened, maybe the franchise can pull off a surprise. Who knows! Place your bets at corner betting sites and maybe you’ll get lucky!

Minnesota Wild

Minnesota Wild

Minnesota WildThe Wilds are currently placed in the West Division and despite a robust performance from the defense, they’ve got some tough competition ahead. The picture was vastly different this past week but the realignment altered things for the worse. Nonetheless, the Wilds need to figure out a way to tackle the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Dallas will surely benefit from the switch between the Wild and Stars as the West Division has a few middleweights that mustn’t be taken lightly.

The good news is Minnesota has the Sharks, Ducks, and Kings for company. The three squads need to drastically improve their offense, which gives Minnesota a fighting chance of securing their place in the playoffs. The bottom line is, the Wild were moved from a division with a single powerhouse to one with three potent rivals. It’s bound to be fun for the spectators.

Boston Bruins


boston-bruinsThe Bruins have made it to the playoffs in 11 of the previous 13 seasons. However, like the Sabres, the Bruins were also moved as part of the realignment effort. And this time they’ll face stiffer competition from the Atlantic Division teams.

To top it off, the franchise could enter the 2020/21 season without David Pastrnak and Brad Marchand. Thus, crippling the squad at an unfavorable time. Although the Bruins are at +250 to win from the East Division, they’re at a serious disadvantage without two formidable defensemen in the lineup.

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